Can I find market research on the Ohio pottery market?

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That’s the  question I received from two different people on IM yesterday.  While chatting with them online, I searched the usual places (Passport GMID, Mintel Oxygen, Mediamark Reporter) for topics relating to pottery, ceramics, etc, but only retrieved information relating to cookware, home furnishings, and The Pottery Barn.  I figured as much, but I decided to keep digging a bit this morning.

To that this is a small, niche market is an understatement.  There aren’t major corporations who solely produce pottery, and most potters are small businesses, individual entrepreneurs, or hobbyists/artists who occasionally sell their products.  As such, the usual places to look are not working very well.  However, after doing some digging, I found a few places where students might want to look.   Bear in mind that these resources are likely to only address the pottery market in general, if at all.  The Ohio pottery market is just way too specific for much (if anything) to be written about it,  so you’ll have to think more broadly.   I’ll update this post as I find new things.  If you find a site our source that works for you, please be kind and share it with us by posting a comment.


American Art Pottery Association

  • Organization whose purpose it is to “promote an interest, understanding, appreciation, and recognition of American Art Pottery.”
  • They have a members only section that may have data, but there is also a useful links section on the website as well.

Journals and Magazines

Alden Library subscribes to a number of pottery periodicals that may be worth a look.  Many are online, while others are found on the 3rd floor of Alden in the Fine Arts Library.  Occasionally these publications may have supplemental special issues that address trends in the field.    I have not had time to check out each title individually, so I can’t guarantee how helpful they will be.  Nevertheless, it wouldn’t hurt to look.   The links below go to the ALICE record for each title.  If you have trouble finding these, ask one of our helpful Fine Arts staff members for help.

Pottery Making Illustrated

Potter Making Illustrated (online version)

Ceramics in America

American Ceramic Society Bulletin

Ceramics, Art, and Perception

Ceramics, Art, and Perception (online version)

New ceramics = Neue Keramik

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