Business Culture & Etiquette in Italy resources

Italy on the Map
Italy on the Map

The Ohio University Global Consulting Program is going to Italy, and they need to brush up on some business customs, etiquette, culture, negotiations, and more.  Some key resources covering those topics can be found below.

Some suggested search terms for this topic:  Italy, business etiquette, protocol, negotiations, communication, intercultural communication.

In addition to the resources below, you might try searching for the above terms to find related information in Business Source Complete, Hospitality & Tourism Complete, and Communications & Mass Media Complete.

Passport Italy : Your Pocket Guide to Italian Business, Customs & Etiquette

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  • This ebook contains lots of information on cultural stereotypes, strategies for success, negotiations, dress and appearance, communication styles, and much more.

Italy:  A Comprehensive Guide for Business

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  • I will admit that this is not the best resource on the page, but it is useful for some content on business dress code, business manners, and negotiations.

Global Road Warrior:  Italy

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  • This is a wonderful resource for the business traveler.
  • For business etiquette information, as well as dress, negotiations, and more, look to page 31 of the pdf.
  • The information at the beginning of the document offers great tips for business travelers.

Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands : Italy

Management in Europe:  Italy

Business Travel in Italy

Country Watch

  • Country Watch offers business culture information for each country.  The “Do’s and Taboos” section can help keep you out of trouble.

Intersource Country Insights

  • Intersource Country Insights contains country facts and cultural information on the countries of the world. Intercultural issues may include: Conversations, Communication Styles, Displays of Emotion,Dress, Punctuality, and Formality, Stereotypes, Relationship building, Preferred Managerial Qualities, Conflict in the Workplace, and much more. Please note that some information is from a Canadian perspective.

globalEdge Italy

The section for Italy in globalEdge offers a lot of information, including coverage of business culture.

Italy Career Guide

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  • This is a really large pdf that contains a lot of useful content.  Business Culture/Etiquette information begins on page 124 of the pdf, and covers Time Management, Communication Style, Office Protocol, Management Styles, Corporate Hierarchy / Boss and Subordinate Relations, Business Practices, Women in the Workplace, and more.

Minding Your Manners

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  • Note:  This particular ebook only allows one user at a time.  If you get the “Sorry, ebook is in use” message, try again later.
  • Contains information on business and office protocol, delegation, teamwork, competition, and more.


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