Book Stores Industry Guide

Book Stores Industry Guide


The purpose of this guide is to point business researchers to some key resources when researching the Bookstores Industry. This guide will not cover every single resource in the Industry Research Basics guide, but will simply highlight some resources that you might definitely want to take a look at. For a more thorough industry analysis, I suggest you look at most of the resources discussed in the Industry Research Basics guide. This guide will be updated while the clusters are working on this industry during Winter Quarter 2010, so check back often for new information.


IBISWorld offers several relevant reports on the topic. A search for books stores in the database yields reports such as “Bookstores in the U.S.”.

Plunkett Research Online

Plunkett Research Online has some useful statistics on the book industry. Once the database is open, browse to the “Entertainment & Media Industry Research Center” and then select either “Market Trends” or “Statistics”. Personally I found the “Statistics” section useful for historical numbers on the book retailing industry.

Market Insight

While Market Insight does not have a report specifically about the Book Stores Industry, I highly suggest that researchers look at the Specialty Stores (Retailing:Specialty) in the Industry section of Market Insight. The Specialty Retailing report will give you a good idea about trends affecting various types of retailers in this industry.

Encyclopedia of American Industries

The Encyclopedia of American Industries has a good amount of coverage on the Book Stores Industry. Note: You will find the 2005 version and the 2008 version in the search results inside the encyclopedia. It is probably a good idea to use the most recent version.

Mintel Oxygen

Mintel Oxygen contains market research reports on a variety of topics. A search on “books” in the database yields a nice report on Books from December 2009, but it is focused on the United Kingdom. However, you may find the report useful nevertheless. You’ll also find several lifestyle reports in the database, and many of these may talk about reading habits of various demographic groups.


Use Factiva to find the latest industry news. Factiva is quite huge and can be overwhelming, as users often get too many results in their searches. I suggest you find terms to search along with your industry, such as “same-store sales”, “total revenues”, “outlook”, “forecast”, “trends”, etc. Here’s a video on how to Find Industry News in Factiva (forthcoming).

Business Source Complete

Trade Publications

While Business Source Complete offers a lot of really good information on almost any business topic, it may help to limit your searches to specific trade publications. Trade Publications are written by people in a specific industry, for people in that specific industry, and as such are great resources to use when doing an industry analysis. I’d recommend looking at the following trade publications for the book store industry:

  • Bookseller
    • “Provides daily news & comment about the book business, starting at 8am with the latest digest of press reports about the publishing sector & financial updates from the City.” (from the Business Source Complete description)
  • Publisher’s Weekly
    • “News and analyses of book publishing for publishers, booksellers, agents, librarians, writers, educators and people involved in movies, radio and television.” (from the Business Source Complete description)

Trade Associations

  • American Booksellers Association
    • “ABA is the national trade association for independent booksellers – since 1900. ABA offers education, services and products, advocacy, and relevant business information.”
    • Note that you may need to be a member of the association to access certain information on the website.

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