Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management

An excellent resource for business and management topics

This is an excellent resource to use if you need a basic introduction to a business or management topic. Each entry is a concise article about the topic. Articles often include a bibliography for further reading on a topic, and cross references to related articles in the encyclopedia.

The 13 volume set is organized in the following volumes:

  • v. 1. Accounting
  • v. 2. Business ethics
  • v. 3. Entrepreneurship
  • v. 4. Finance
  • v. 5. Human resource management
  • v. 6. International Management
  • v. 7. Management Information Systems
  • v. 8. Managerial economics
  • v. 9. Marketing
  • v. 10. Operations management
  • v. 11. Organizational behavior
  • v. 12. Strategic management
  • v. 13. Index

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