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Guide to researching the wine industry

About The purpose of this guide is to point business researchers to some key resources when researching the wine industry. While not entirely comprehensive, this guide does list several of the key and highly recommended resources when analyzing the industry and researching the companies in the industry.  I’ve listed the databases and resources below, with … Continued

How to Find Earnings Conference Call Transcripts in Nexi Uni (Lexis-Nexis)

Like a post-game press conference with a coach talking about the successes and failures of his team, public companies also discuss their successes, earnings, initiatives, and failures with analysts. These quarterly earnings conference calls are recorded as print transcripts, and can be found in Nexis Uni (formerly Lexis-Nexis Academic).

Guide to researching the Radio Industry

My friends in the  Business Cluster are working on a research project that requires them to research the radio industry and some key companies within the industry. The resources found on this page should provide them with an excellent start to finding good information for the project. Note that business resources can be a bit … Continued

How to understand customer demographics and consumer demand with Simmons data

If you’re starting a new business, you will want to understand who your ideal customer will be. You can use Simmons data to understand consumer demographics for customers of specific products or brands, or for those who engage in a particular activity.

How to gather local market data for your business concept with SimplyAnalytics

If you have a business idea that you are looking to pitch, you’ll want to understand the local market and consumers in the area. This video demonstrates how to find consumer demand for products and services, consumer demographics, and competitors in a prospective business location, using SimplyAnaltics.

How to understand the local industry environment with Bizminer Industry Market Reports

If you’re looking to open a new business, you’d be wise to research the industry trends in your desired location. This video demonstrates how to find competitors, startup market share, cessation rates, total sales, and more for industries in specific locations using Bizminer.

How to research a new entrepreneurial business concept

About So you fashion yourself an entrepreneur and would like start a new business.  Before you go to the bank to get your loan, you’ll want to thoroughly research the industry, your potential competitors, your potential customers, as well as your local market.  When doing your research, you’ll want to make sure you have answers … Continued

Guide to researching the video game development and publishing industry

picture of Chad's character in Call of Duty

About My friends in the  Business Cluster are working on a research project that addresses the video game development and publishing industry.  The resources found on this page should provide them with an excellent start to finding good information for the industry. Note that business resources can be a bit challenging to cite in APA … Continued

How to find Venture Capital funding by location and industry using PrivCo

This video demonstrates how to use PrivCo to find companies that have received venture capital funding by location and by industry. You can use this data to find potential venture capital investment, or to find companies who might have jobs available.

How to Find S&P (and other) Stock Reports in Investext

S&P Stock Reports are a favorite of many business researchers when looking for concise, up-to-date analysis of a company. This video demonstrates how to find those reports, as well and other stock/equity reports, in Investext via the Mergent Online database.

How to find MarketLine reports in Investext

MarketLine reports give a good introduction to a company, and can be especially useful for novice business researchers. The reports contain financial information, executive biographies, SWOT Analysis, and more. This video demonstrates how to find the reports in Investext, using the Mergent Online database.

Attend the Ohio Business of Games Summit

Announcement from the Summit website: “The Ohio University Business of Games Summit is a confluence of students, educators, entrepreneurs, technologists, and industry participants who are actively involved or want to know more about the business of digital games and e-sports. The summit, unlike many other industry conferences, focuses on the business of games, not just … Continued

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