Persons with Disabilities – OHIO University Libraries

Alden Library is here to help everyone with their research and learning needs. For more information about the Libraries’ services for persons with disabilities, you can contact Christopher Guder .

Retrieving Materials

Ask at a service desk, if you need assistance retrieving material from a library collection. Depending on staff availability and the amount of materials staff may not be able to immediately assist you. For best service please submit a list well in advance of your deadline. If you are registered with Student Accessibility Services, you may be eligible for the library delivery service. For more information about this service, please contact Christopher Guder .

Scanning into an Alternative Format

There are multiple touch screen scanning stations located in Alden Library that can be used to convert text into a screen reader friendly PDF. Scanned documents can either be saved to a flash drive or emailed directly from the scanner to any email address. A student registered through Student Accessibility Services or a faculty member registered with Institutional Equity can request that print materials available in the University Libraries be converted into an accessible PDF.  If you do not already have an InterLibrary Loan and Document Express ILLiad account, register for an account and identify yourself as being registered through Student Accessibility Services or Institutional Equity. If you already have an ILLiad account, update your account to identify yourself as someone affiliated with one of the two offices mentioned above. Once registered, simply fill out the ILLiad request form and indicate in the Notes field any preferred timelines for the scanning to be completed. Every attempt will be made to complete scanning requests in a timely fashion but if requests cannot be completed within a week the patron will be notified. For more information on copyright compliance, please see the InterLibrary Loan and Document Express page or Title 17, United States Code. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact Christopher Guder .


Should a patron with a disability be unable to operate copier, he or she may have the copying done by desk staff at the same price any patron would pay.

Research Help

General reference assistance is available at the Learning Commons (2nd Floor) desk. For specialized assistance, an appointment may be made with a Subject Librarian or Call (740) 593-2699 for more information.