Public Schools and Library Instruction – OHIO University Libraries

Visiting the library with a class

School groups are welcome to visit Alden Library at any time to use our resources on their own.

If you have a large group (20+), it works better for everyone if the teacher calls at least a week ahead and plans the visit during a term break (December, Spring Break, or summer).

And yes, we’d be happy to teach your class how to use our resources when you come in. Contact Lorraine Wochna (740-597-1238) to schedule a visit and/or instructional session.

Borrowing Cards for Visiting Classes

Students under the age of 18 visiting our library (with or without a class) will be issued a temporary community library card, valid for 30 days. In order to obtain a card, the student must fill out our Application for Library Privileges form (which requires consent from the parent/guardian).

Teachers must provide, at least a week in advance, the Application for Library Privileges form, so borrowers’ cards can be ready on the day of their visit. These forms are to be filled out by each student and their parent/guardian. The parent/guardian must provide an Ohio Driver’s License Number (or State of Ohio ID card) and mailing address along with signature.

Please send completed forms to Lorraine Wochna

School Responsibility

We request and expect that, in exchange for extending services to classes, teachers will help us recover overdue materials when necessary.