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Get Funded for Printing

You can pay for printing in two ways:

  • Bobcat Cash. If you are a current Ohio University student or employee, you already have a Bobcat Cash account, and can add cash instantly online at, or by using the Value Transfer Station on the 2nd Floor of Alden Library. You can add as little as $2.00 and there is no fee to “open” the account. Your OHIO ID card serves as your printing card.
  • Guest Printing Card. Anyone can purchase a Guest Printing Card from the Value Transfer Station on the 2nd floor of Alden Library. There is a one-time $2.00 fee to purchase a new card (so you’ll need a minimum of $3.00 to purchase a new card, $2.00 for the card and $1.00 to be applied to printing). After you have the card, you can add more funds to it with no additional fees.
Supported Paper Size Black-and-White Price Color Price
8½ x 11 single-sided 5¢ per sheet 25¢ per sheet
8½ x 11 duplex 5¢ per sheet 50¢ per sheet
11 x 17 6¢ per sheet 50¢ per sheet

Send Print Jobs to the Libraries’ Printers

From Libraries Computers

Choose printer Libraries_Xerox_Black&White or Libraries_Xerox_Color. You’ll need to enter your OHIO ID or Guest Printing Card Number in a dialog box that pops up on the screen, then OK the price of the print job in a second dialog box.

From Your Personal Computer

If you’re paying for printing with Bobcat Cash, you can use mobile printing to send many types of documents to the printers. Visit to upload documents directly to your print queue. Mobile printing supports several common file formats, and works best with documents that are of a relatively small file size and where you don’t need to customize the orientation and layout.

Using a Guest Printing Card? Need more file format or customization options? Just prefer to print directly from your application? You can install the Libraries’ printers on your personal computer.

Release Your Print Job

Within one hour of sending your job to the printers, go to any Libraries printer of the appropriate type (Black & White or Color). If using Bobcat Cash, swipe your OHIO ID card at the rprinter. If using a Guest Printing Card, swipe your Guest Printing Card.

Black & White printers are located on the Second, Third, and Fourth floors of Alden Library, and at the Music & Dance Library. Color printers are located on the 2nd Floor of Alden Library.

Need help?

See Printing FAQs or visit any Libraries service desk.

Need a refund? Fill out the online Print Refund Request Form.