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Article databases are sources for information about–and often the full text of–articles that were published in magazines, journals, and newspapers.They come in several varieties:

  • general (covering all subjects)
  • subject-specific
  • newspapers only
Characteristics of Article Databases

Contents: brief information (records)  for articles in magazines, journals, newspapers, often including abstracts (summaries) and full-text.

Selectivity: selected and reviewed by editors and publishers in the first place; then selected for inclusion in databases, to which libraries subscribe.

How to Search: author, article title, periodical title, subject, keyword, other types of searches.

To Get Full-Text:

  1. follow direct link if available, or…
  2. click on  the FInd It! with LinkSource link to see if we have it in print or online, or…
  3. write down or print out citation info and look up the periodical title in ALICE. Follow the Location and Call Number info in ALICE.


This database, featured on the front page of this website, is a great starting point for articles on all subjects. It includes the contents of hundreds of otherwise separate databases, on all subjects. But it doesn’t include “everything,” so you may need to consult…

Subject-Specific Databases

We have more than 100 specialized article databases covering virtually all academic disciplines. The best way to find those is to explore the Subject and Course Guides for your subject area(s) and look for article (or journal) databases there.

Newspaper Databases

See the pages on finding newspaper articles.