Zotero Groups – OHIO University Libraries

Zotero Groups allows you to share collections with any number of individuals in classes, work groups, etc.

  • There is no limit on how many members may join your groups.
  • Your full storage subscription is always available to your personal and group libraries.

There are three types of groups:

  1. Private: only group members and users invited to join the group are able to see the group’s page.
  2. Public with closed membership: Anyone can view the group page, but the only way to join the group is by invitation or by requesting an invitation.
  3. Public with open membership: the group page is public, and anyone who wants to can join instantly.

To create a new group, you must either:

  • Click the Create New Group button on the groups landing page, or
  • Click the New Group icon (on the right in this image) located next to the New Collection icon in the top left corner of the Zotero Firefox add-on:zotero-toolbar-2. This will take you to the groups landing page at zotero.org. 

Need help? See Zotero’s documentation page on Groups.