Working with Your Data in Zotero – OHIO University Libraries

All items in your Zotero account reside in a top-level folder called My Library. You can create as many individual folders, called Collections, beneath it as you wish, usually one per project. To do this, click on the folder icon in the toolbar: zotero-toolbar-2 and give your new collection a name. 

  • Once you click on an individual item, you can edit the citation information as needed, in the right pane of the Zotero window.
    • Changing article title capitalization: Zotero is not smart enough to do correct article title capitalization for APA style, but you can set the capitalization as you want it in your data and it will be correct when you click on the citation.
    • TIP: Right click on the title field and you can easily toggle between sentence and title capitalization You may also want to delete issue numbers for APA (unless the journal is paginated by issue, of course) 
  • You can add notes, tags, and related items to any item in Zotero. Notes can also exist independently.
  • You can share collections by making them a “Group Library” using the icon with people (see image above).