Using Zotero Off-Campus – OHIO University Libraries

Zotero will work both on- and off-campus. Please note, however: to use Zotero off-campus for the purpose of adding citations from our subscription databases to your account with links that will work correctly later on, there are certain conditions you must meet:

  • You must use Firefox with the Zotero extension installed and active.
  • Neither the Zotero standalone app with browser connectors nor the Zotero web interface will work correctly.

zotero-proxy-preferencesIf you save the full-text PDFs of the items in your Zotero account in the first place, you may never need to worry about this.

The reason for this limitation has to do with the Zotero’s way of handling proxies in the login process.

Definition: Proxies are scripts included in the URLs for most of our online subscriptions. Their purpose is to identify whether or not someone is part of Ohio University and therefore allowed to use a particular journal, database, etc. If you are on-campus, there’s no problem. If you are off-campus, the script will send you to a page where you login using your Ohio University ID and password. 

Using the Proxies setting in Zotero’s Preferences will mainly be important if you need to create items in Zotero which will contain links that you can use later from off-campus. If you save any available PDFs when you first create items in Zotero, you may never need to go back to the original source database again to find the article.