Search Limiters – OHIO University Libraries


Search limiters (sometimes called Filters) are powerful ways to focus your search results so that you don’t have to look through lots of irrelevant items to find what you’re looking for.

For example, many databases include items in foreign languages. If you only want English-language sources, you can use a search limiter to eliminate all other languages.

Or if you only want books or only want videos or some other type of material, you can limit your searches that way, too, in ALICE. Or items published within a certain timeframe.


Here’s a sample, from ALICE, of a variety of limit options, seen in the bottom part of this image:

alice-search-limitersNow try these searches and compare results:

You can even apply multiple limiters to a search. For example:

Each multiple limiter you use will reduce the number of results you get, focused just the way you specify. It’s the same thing as adding additional AND Boolean connectors.