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Annenberg Learner

Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum.  This is a great site to find videos and footage in all subject areas, including teaching tools for the instructor.  Any videos that indicate VoD, will be available for FREE for classroom use.

American Archive of Public Broadcasting

Historic programs of publicly funded radio and television.  Latest addition is PBS Newshour, 1997 – 2007.

British Pathe

Newsreel archive British Pathé has uploaded its entire collection of 85,000 historic films, in high resolution, to its YouTube channel. This unprecedented release of vintage news reports and cinemagazines is part of a drive to make the archive more accessible to viewers all over the world.  (

HotDocs Doc Library

The new Hot Docs site has well over 150 documentaries from Canadian filmmakers (along with some other content) and it’s all available online for free.

Internet Archive – Moving Image Archive

The Moving Image Archive within the Internet Archive provides access to nearly a quarter million films, uploaded by Archive users, and ranging from classic full-length films, to daily alternative news broadcasts, to cartoons and concerts.

The Archive also contains the Prelinger Archive, the most complete and varied collection of ephemeral films (advertising, educational, industrial, and amateur) in existence.

Internet Archive – TV News Archive

This service is designed to help engaged citizens better understand the issues and candidates in the 2012 U.S. elections by allowing them to search closed captioning transcripts to borrow relevant television news programs.

The Internet Archive works to preserve the published works of human kind.  Inspired by Vanderbilt University’s Television News Archive project, the Internet Archive collects and preserves television news. Like library collections of books and newspapers, this accessible archive of TV news enables anyone to reference and compare statements from this influential medium.

Open Culture (free movies)

This is a wonderful website full of public domain films and lots of other great stuff besides film.  From the web site “Where to watch free movies online? Let’s get you started. We have listed here 500+ quality films that you can watch online. The collection is divided into the following categories: Comedy & Drama; Film Noir, Horror & HitchcockWesterns & John WayneSilent FilmsDocumentaries, and Animation.”

Public Domain Review

The Public Domain Review is a not-for-profit project dedicated to showcasing the most interesting and unusual out-of-copyright works available online. (website)

TED: Technology, Entertainment, Design

Makes available the best talks and performances from TED and partners.  More than 500 TEDTalks are now available, with more added each week. All of the talks feature closed captions in English, and many feature subtitles in various languages. Videos are released under a Creative Commons license, so they can be freely shared and reposted. (author: deg farelly, Arizona State U)

Talks are organized under broad subject categories:  Technology, Entertainment, Design, Business, Science, and Global Issues.

UbuWeb: Film and Video

UbuWeb is a large web-based educational resource for avant-garde material available on the internet, founded in 1996 by poet Kenneth Goldsmith. It offers visual, concrete and sound poetry, expanding to include film and sound art mp3 archives.

even more

Online Streaming Content: Internet Sites  From the Arizona State University Libraries, this page provides links to many Internet sites for streaming video. (Content provided by deg farelly, Arizona State University)