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Films at Ohio University

Videos, Media, Films, Movies, Cinema, Motion Pictures, Flicks  – whatever you want to call it — we have lots of resources to meet your entertainment and/or education needs.

You can find almost all of our media resources at the 4th floor service desk.

Not only have we created New Acquisition pages (that link to RSS feed and/or email address so you can receive new acquisition information immediately); but we have created lists of topics, subjects, and genres so you can just see what’s out there in movieland.


New Acquisitions (Feature, Documentary & Miscellaneous)

As you can see  (on the left side) we now have links to New Acquisitions broken down by Feature Film, Documentary Film and Miscellaneous Films.  You can also subscribe via email or subscribe to an RSS reader.  cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo by indiekid

New feature film does not necessarily indicate new films!  Many older films are just now being purchased; faculty, student and staff make recommendations and some films get re-released. 

Along with New Acquisitions, the related pages (also to your left) is a compilation of different categories of films (horror, musical, comedy), links to lists that we feel are worth a look and Special Collections, which are particular vendors and/or distributors who have a specialized focus to their collection.

If your film search is more in-depth, please contact lorraine wochna, the film librarian.


Booking Films for Classes

Faculty can book films for classes ahead of time; we will do our best to make sure the film is available.  A simple form with the ability to add additional titles can be found here