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journal-magazineI have a citation for an article, and now I need to get the full text.

As long as you know the name of the periodical, its date, volume number and pages, you should do a Periodical Title search in ALICE for the name of the whole publication–NOT the title of the article.

If we don’t have the journal for the date you need, you can request a copy of the article via Interlibrary Loan (informationlogin).

I’m looking for articles on a particular topic and don’t know where to start.

Start with ArticlesPlus, the default searchbox on our front page. See also:

old-periodicalI’m looking for older articles from magazines or journals.

The following resources will help you locate historical magazine articles. Some databases provide full-text access to the articles; others will tell you which magazine issue/date an article occurred, and then you will have to use a Periodical Title search in ALICE to locate the actual article separately in either microfilm or print format. Here are a few databases to try:

I’m looking for newspaper articles.

See our set of pages on finding newspaper articles.