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What is iMovie and how do I use it?


iMovie is a video editing software application for Mac and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPad and iPod Touch) devices. You can create videos or movie trailers by importing existing videos, photo files and audio from external sources.

Create your own videos too from your camera or video capture device!

iMovie can be found on the Apple Mac computers in the Multimedia Center on the 2nd floor and 3rd floor of Alden Library.

***Please be aware of copyright laws related to the video you will be using.  U.S. Copyright law governs the use of copyrighted materials.  Those using copyrighted materials are liable for any infringement.***

To get started using iMovie, take a look at our helpful quick start guides that can teach you the basics.  This guide also contains information on compatible file types for iMovie and DVD+R/-R basics.