How do I make a digital version of my VHS tape? – OHIO University Libraries

How do I make a digital version of my VHS tape?

VHS/DVD digital conversion process is somewhat lengthy process.  The conversion rate is a 1:1 ratio (i.e. 1 hr tape will need approx. 1 hr to convert)

We recommend using iMovie to complete this task.

***Please be aware of copyright laws related to the video you will be using.  U.S. Copyright law governs the use of copyrighted materials.  Those using copyrighted materials are liable for any infringement.***

To get started with VHS/DVD digital conversion process, take a look at the first 2 pages of the iMovie quick start guide. This guide will assist you with the process.

To “burn” your digital file to DVD, see our helpful Burn quick start guide.

VHS/DVD players can be found on 2 Mac computers located on the back wall of the Multimedia Center on the 2nd floor of Alden Library.

As always, please feel free to ask our Multimedia Specialists for assistance. See our Multimedia Center webpage for our staffing hours.