Firewalls – OHIO University Libraries

A firewall is a protective barrier set up around an individual computer or a computer network.  It provides security by stopping unknown computers from establishing a connection with you.  This means that you often must configure your firewall to accept a connection with us before you can access our resources from off-campus.

Personal Firewalls

If you have a firewall on your personal computer, you can modify the settings to allow connections to our databases.  Here is a document that explains the necessary settings: Personal Firewalls.

Business Firewalls

Many workplaces have firewalls in place that may block access to some or all of our resources.  If you are unsuccessfully trying to access our resources from work, a firewall on your network may be the problem.  If you suspect this is the case, you would need to talk to your corporate IT department to see if they would be willing to change the settings to allow access to our servers.