Cookies – OHIO University Libraries

Cookies are small files temporarily placed on your computer to help websites remember who you are.  Many sites use cookies to help remember your preferences from visit to visit.  When you log in to access library resources from off campus, we place a cookie on your computer to keep track of your credentials during your visit.

Accepting Cookies

Sometimes people have problems logging in to use our resources from off-campus because their browser is not set to accept our cookies.

  1. Test to see if your browser will accept cookies by Personal Firewalls.

    • If you see “Congratulations!” your browser is set to accept cookies.
    • If you do not see “Congratulations!” continue to Step 2.
  2. Set your browser to accept cookies in order to use our resources from off campus.

Clearing Cookies

You may also experience problems if your browser is storing an old cookie from us with incorrect or outdated information.  The easiest way to correct this problem is to clear our cookies from your browser and start over.  There are two ways to do this.

  1. Click this link to remove our cookies, then try logging in again. (Most of the time this works.)
  2. If Step 1 doesn’t work, try either of the following:
    1. Try starting over using a new private or incognito browsing window. (This lets you browse the Libraries web site without any previous cookies, without having to actually clear all the cookies from your computer.)
    2. Clear the cache and cookies from your computer using the browser-specific directions linked below. (Be aware that this may cause other websites to forget the preferences you have set up with them.)