Off Campus Access – OHIO University Libraries

Having trouble accessing our resources from off campus?  Try these suggestions.

Are you starting at the Libraries home page?

In order to access databases and other electronic resources from off campus, you will need to log in through the Libraries web site. Here are examples of login screens for different library systems.

Are you using your OHIO ID and password to log in?

Are you eligible?

In general, only current OU students, employees, and emeriti can access databases and other electronic resources licensed to Ohio University Libraries from off campus.

Students must be enrolled in one or more specific classes or dissertation hours in the Student Information System for the current semester (or the upcoming semester during intersessions and summer). If you are being blocked from access for this reason, you can resolve the issue by enrolling in a single class or dissertation hour. If you just enrolled, it may take up to a day for library access to be granted. If your program requires you to complete a project before you are allowed to enroll in classes, contact Libraries staff.

Faculty and staff automatically get access. Temporary employees and others working in an employee capacity: please contact Libraries staff to request access.

Visiting scholars, emeriti, and OUHCOM CORE program members: please contact Libraries staff to request access.

If you don’t fall into one of the above categories, here are some other options for electronic access. You may also wish to see who is eligible for borrowing privileges and what that includes.

Note: Some electronic resources may be restricted to specific Ohio University campuses. If you are attempting to access a resource that is not licensed for your campus, you may not be granted access.

Still having problems?

Your current browsing session may be experiencing an error. Try the following:

Note: If you are on a non-OU employer network, it is possible that your employer has set a firewall, which may prevent you from accessing web sites.

If you are still having difficulty with off campus access, please contact Libraries staff.