[L] APAKABAR - Over and Out

From: apakabar@saltmine.radix.net
Date: Fri Feb 08 2002 - 15:37:06 EST

My sincere and humble thanks for the many public and private messages of
appreciation I have received for the 'apakabar' list over the past few
days. I specifically say 'list' rather than 'me' since in all this I have
only been a conduit. You, collectively, all are 'apakabar,' not me.

Good luck to all the new, newly-re-activated, and ongoing lists. I'm sure
those of you seeking a new online discussion home will find many congenial
locations. If you are truly at a loss as to where to post, just go the
http://indopubs.com/panels.html page and find the 'Discussion Groups'
heading in Panel 1. There you can take online journeys to Yahoo Groups,
Topica, CataList, and Usenet. If you prefer a monologue to which others
can tune in, go to bloggers.com and start your own Weblog. However
you do it, I am confident that your voices will still be heard.

While this old list now closes, the indopubs.com site continues in its
emerging new identity as a learning and research site. The databases
covering list postings from 1990 to 2002 will remain available. The
research panels page of links will remain and grow. The homepage
indopubs.com itself will gradually add new features, including online
'courses' on Indonesia, Southeast Asia, the Islamic World, and Current
Controversies (a return to my initial offline academic vocation). With
luck, these four new projects should be up and running by Tuesday,
February 12. Go directly to indopubs.com _then_ -- and in subsequent
weeks -- to find them.

Webmasters: Kindly change any link from indopubs.com/archives to just
indopubs.com and feel free to add links to the databases, panels and all
new projects.

For that matter, _anyone_ who has a Web site remains welcome to put in a
link to, or upload a duplicate of, the Indonesia Publications research
links page. I see that the Munindo site has already done so. And if you
are a computer science savant who can spider the seemingly endless
basisdata.esosoft.net/1990 through 1992 htdocs directories containing the
raw database input, index them with your own database software, and make
them available _free_ in an additional public place on the Web, please go
ahead and then get out the word about it. My Web stats program shows that
only portions of these directories have been explored by spider programs.
(Sorry, Esosoft will not let you in to ftp it all, but you can, of course,
'torment' yourself by retrieving each posting individually.)

Elizabeth Coville, an anthropologist who focuses on Sulawesi, has
organized a panel on 'apakabar' at the spring meetings in Washington, DC
of the Association for Asian Studies. Four Indonesians whose names you
will probably recognize are presenting papers. I have very reluctantly
agreed to be what academics call the 'discussant.' For more info, please
email Bu Liz at ecoville@piper.hamline.edu (that's in the great city of
Minneapolis, folks).

I will continue to be at apakabar@radix.net for a while, so there is no
need to bid a final 'goodbye.' Any future email address change will appear
on indopubs.com.

May Indonesia become a better place through all your continuing online and
offline struggles.