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   Police arrest Tommy's private bodyguard
   JAKARTA (JP): The City Police arrested on Saturday the private
   bodyguard of fugitive Hutomo "Tommy" Mandala Putra over the illegal
   possession of a weapon.
   The arrest followed a pre-dawn raid on the luxurious house of the
   bodyguard, identified as Indra Hasan, in the Bina Lindung area of
   Jatiwaringin, in Pondok Gede, Bekasi, West Java, some 20 kilometers
   southeast of Jakarta.
   "Indra was arrested at about 3 a.m. on Saturday at his home. Police
   raided his house and found that he was illegally possessing a Colt gun
   of .32 millimeter caliber complete with five bullets," city police
   detective chief of general crimes, Comr. Tito Karnavian, told The
   Jakarta Post.
   The suspect has been placed under police custody.
   Tito made no comment when asked about the reasons behind the raid.
   Indra, 47, is director at Tommy's car company, PT Timor Putra Nasional
   (TPN). Born as Natsir Palembang and is originally from East Nusa
   Tenggara, Indra also runs Tommy's agribusiness firm, Putra Timor
   The suspect will be charged with Article 1 of the 1951 Emergency Law
   on weapon possession, which carries a maximum punishment of death
   Separately, city police chief of detectives High Comr. Harry Montolalu
   revealed that Indra had been previously questioned by the Bekasi
   Police precinct over a similar case.
   When asked whether the arrest was part of the police's strategy to
   capture Tommy, Harry said: "Police will keep on developing Tommy's
   case, of course by using various ways," he said, without elaborating.
   The National Police is also scheduled to question Indra over Tommy's
   Tommy, the youngest son of ailing former president Soeharto, has been
   on the run after President Abdurrahman Wahid turned down his request
   for a pardon early in December last year. The Supreme Court had
   sentenced him to 18 months in jail for corruption.
   The last celebrity case involving weapons was Soeharto's daughter,
   Siti Hutami "Mamiek" Endang Adiningsih, who walked out of the Central
   Jakarta District Court on Dec. 18 last year, after judge Asep Iwan
   Irawan sentenced her to a 30-day probation period for failing to
   report the loss of her gun. (01/ylt)

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