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                          Saturday, 20 May 2000

NTT X_Floods in Belu and South Central Timor: Government responds to

Kupang_Vice Governor J. Pake Pani announced emergency response plans
after a helicopter tour of the flooded areas. The areas worst hit
include western and central Malaka districts, where some 88 persons,
most of them children, are confirmed dead. In central Malaka, of 35
victims, 31 were refugees from East Timor. (Of 90,000 residents of the
area, an estimated 20,000 are East Timorese.) Pake Pani attended prayer
services for the victims. Data is not yet available for two villages
that remain cut off by the floods. Hundreds of houses and 5,000-7,500
hectares of rice were also destroyed. The road from Kupang to Atambua
was also washed out in several places.

Immediate response came from the Atambua business community, local
government and NGOs, UNHCR, WFP, and other international aid agencies
currently serving refugees in the area. Permission was granted for
UNTAET helicopters to fly in aid from the Suai area of East Timor. TNI
is sending a medical team of 25.

NTT X_Untas to enable the potential of East Timor refugees

Atambua_Untas is urging TNI and civil servants from East Timor who are
relatively well off to share their resources with fellow East Timorese
who are less fortunate. They will be working with local government in
Belu to seek a resolution to the problem of resettlement. The local
government has provided facilities for only 5,000 people, whereas there
are still about 70,000 refugees in the Belu area.

ST_Cries in front of 1,000 followers: Xanana reveals crimes of Fretilin

Kupang_Like Pilate washing his hands of the execution of Jesus, Xanana
has always blamed everyone but himself and his followers for the tragic
killings in East Timor. Now, in a surprising statement released by
Portuguese news agency Lusa as monitored by UNTAS public affairs, Xanana
has admitted the political mistakes of Fretilin since the 1970s and
given an account of the victims of Fretilin brutality. His statement
came in a meeting of more than a thousand Fretilin followers at the
"Rising Sun" building in Dili. Pushing back tears, he called for
honesty about the past, and for Fretilin to assume collective
responsibility for its mistakes_including that of considering
nationalists [sic] to be traitors just because they didn_t have the same
ideology. Xanana called for the formation of a committee to look into
Fretelin_s past and give an accounting of its victims. In his statement
to the first general assembly of Fretilin supporters since the
referendum, he also bitterly criticized the Committee for the Defense of
the Republic of East Timor (CDPRDTL) for its lies and propaganda, and
gave an account of the political thinking of Fretilin_s first president,
Fransisco Xavier do Amaral.

ST_Food Shortages in East Timor

Kupang_While refugees in the West have plenty to eat, in East Timor
itself there continue to be cronic shortages of food and other basic
necessities, according to Joanico Cesario, former (militia) commander of
Baucau. He called for unity among East Timor leaders to solve this

ST_Suit by kings of Timor certain to be rejected by world opinion

Kupang_Untaet spokesman Colin Stewart said plans by a group of
traditional kings of East Timor to sue UNAMET over alleged election
fraud during the referendum were certain to be rejected by the UN and
the Indonesian government. The referendum was free and fair, said
Stewart, pointing out the heavy presence of outside observers which
included many from Indonesia. When pro-autonomy supporters led by
Basilio Dias Araujo were given an opportunity to put forward their
objections on Sept. 2, the evidence was rejected as contradictory,
unconvincing, and in any event not significant enough to affect the
results of the referendum. Responding to questions about whether UNTAET
would pay reparations for property left behind by pro-integration
supporters, Stewart said UNTAET does not engage in buying and selling.
"If they want to sell their property in East Timor, let them go right
ahead and sell it to the people there." Answering questions about
continuing conflict in East Timor, Stewart said there are very few
security problems. He emphasized that the main thing now was for all
factions to take part in the political process that is getting underway
and which will determione East Timor_s future. "But the results of the
referendum must be acknowledged by the pro-autonomy faction."

ST_Batugade border post collects US$2,000 in taxes

Surya Timor gives a summary of East Timor news gathered from Portuguese
news service Lusa: tax collection at the border has slowed down due to
increased vigilance by TNI on the Indonesian side, resulting in fewer
entering through Batugade; a Malaysian peacekeeper died of malaria in
Suai, the fourth member of a UN mission to die of the disease since
October; King_s College of London is to study Falintil_s potential role
as a future defense force for East Timor; finally, IOM says returning of
refugees from West Timor has nearly come to a stop due to unfavorable
reports in local media. In recent days only 49 people have returned.

ST_Problem of Resettlement Locations: Kupang govt. must act

Kupang_Regional legislators have urged the government to be more
forthcoming in responding to questions from local residents about land
expropriated for use as refugee resettlement camps. If their concerns
aren_t handled properly, it could lead to serious conflict between
residents and refugees.

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