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Subject: [INDONESIA-L] PETER - Christian Residents Shot .. in Ambon
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From: "Peter" <ever@Indosat.net.id>
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Subject: Christian Residents were shot while they were walking For Sunday Worship
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 1999 00:46:57 +0700

The outbreak of Violance in Batu Merah neighborhood

Christian Residents were shot while they were walking For Sunday Worship

  a.. On Sunday, 3 October 199, when the Ambonese christians celebrate the
Eucharist in the morning and attend thanksgiving service in the evening,
the violance erupted again in the Batu Merah area. This time, a number of
Batu Merah Christian residents wh o were walking to the Church for
worship, were shot by security troops of ARMED unit, and some of
Christian' houses have set on fire by Moslem people.

  a.. This incident started when some people among a crowd of Moslems, who
were already gathered up about 3 P.M, local time, shouted to the security
force that some Christians would attack them. The security force then at
4.25 PM release shoots to the Chr istian residents who actually were
walking to the church for attending the thanksgiving service.

  a.. As result of the former incident on 9-10 September 1999 in the Batu
Merah, many Christian residents in Batu Merah are worried to pass main
roads located in muslim's area. Therefore they chose a pathway or shortcut
outside the main road. As they want to worship at the church "Diakonos"
located in the center of Batu Merah, Christian residents in Batu Merah
take a pathway as their safety way to avoid any contact of clash with
muslim. When the Christian residents were walking through a pathway across
th e hill, some Moeslems among a crowd saw them and assumed that the
christians might be want to attack, so the Moeslems called for security
force and started to burnt some Christian houses.

  a.. After being informed by Moslem people, the security force of ARMED
make a move to the valley then shooted the christians who were descending
the hill to the valley where the church is. As they heard gunfires, all
christians run for hiding. While the y tried to save theirselves, security
force kept shootings them while Moeslems were let to burned the
Christian's houses. In this incident, one died from gunshot in the left
side of chest and two are injured, one of them is a girl of 15Th., while
at least 15 houses have set on fire. After this incident, seven witnesses
accompinied with a lawyer team for Church made report to the Provost
Headquarters about the attitude of security force in Batu Merah.

  a.. On 9.45 PM, local Time, muslim people returned to attack and threw
bom molotovs to another Christians residential area in Mardika. This
action continued until the morning of the next day, 4 October 1999. As
well as incident at noon in Batu Merah, se curity force didn't take any
actions to disperse the mob, in fact, some soldiers shot the christian
residents who defended theirselves in their area.

  a.. On 7 A.M local time, 4 October 1999, a mob of Muslim returned to
attack Christian residence in Batu Merah areal. This time they were
carried by militer truck of ARMED unit. While the truck were entering the
areal, some troops of ARMED unit shot the christians who were in defensive
position. With covering up by ARMED Unit, the mob started to burn
Christian residence and successfully destroyed a church building in the
area. At least three were shot to dead and one of them is a young girl who
was shot by troops at her head when she and her mother were running for
rescuing theirselves.

Based on the incidents, we regret that security toops of ARMED unit has
clearly involved in acts of violance by shouting the christians, letting
the mob to destroy the Christian residence and mobilize them by using
military truck. Such acts will not only maintain tenses and conflict
between Moeslems and Christians in Maluku but also escalate the conflict
to a great violance.

Please forward to anyone who cares about Ambon



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