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   Thursday, 25 March 1999
   Riot in Sambas, tens of corpses found
   * Religious scholars: Don't send Madurese home
   Sambas, Kompas Online
   The remote area at the Sambas Regency, West Kalimantan like the
   districts of Paloh and Telukkeramat at the northern end, was till
   Wednesday (III/24) still covered by tension. At the two districts
   which can only be reached with crossing the Great Sambas river, tens
   of corpses were found and hundreds of houses which were set on fire.
   With said finding it means that the number of deaths since the riot
   erupted at the beginning of last week, increased to 176 souls. The
   data obtained by Kompas from Command Post I of the Regional Government
   of West Kalimantan said that besides the deaths, 2,324 houses were
   burnt and 161 houses were destroyed.
   The last report mentioned that 400 Madurese were strayed away at
   Sematan harbor, Lundu, about 108 km from Kuching, the capital of the
   State of Serawak, East Malaysia, Friday early in the morning, about
   02.00 departed again back to Pontianak by mv Anugerah Makmur. The
   number of strayed persons were actually 411 persons. but one family
   consisting of three souls were forced to be "entrusted" in Lundu
   because the Mother just gave birth.
   Information of the LO of the police at the RI consulate in Kuching
   Major (Pol) Herwan Chaidir said that they strayed to Serawak when they
   want to keep away from the riots in West Kalimantan.
   The Madurese who came from the village Paloh at Pemangkat, West
   Kalimantan. left Paloh last Tuesday with destination Pontianak. Along
   the road the motor vessel Perniati where they went on board was
   attacked so that they turned in the direction of Sematan, Ludu. The
   arrival of the refugees caused uneasiness for the Malaysian government
   so that they were immediately returned to Indonesia. The mv Anugerah
   Makmur was especially sent from Pontianak to fetch mentioned refugees.
   Madurese religious scholars
   Meanwhile the Madurese religious scholars in their written statement
   signed by KHR Fuad Amin Imron stated that the Madurese society --
   apart from their shortcomings--. very much appreciated other ethnics
   and easily had intercourse and adapted with other citizens without
   discriminating race, religion or ethnicity. They were also well known
   for being tough in the challenges of life, so that they had much
   success in all their enterprises which were spread over whole
   Indonesia since centuries ago. They were also very obedient and true
   towards government regulations as a society of a nation and a state.
   Therefore, the statement continued, the Madurese scholars stated their
   deepest concern and condolences for the victims of the Sambas tragedy
   which happened between ethnic Dayak and Malayan groups and Madurese
   ethnics which has sacrificed many lives, possessions and human values.
   To appeal to the government, particularly the Armed Forces apparatus
   as well as the RI Police to take immediately clear and exact steps
   without taking sides, and to appeal to the government to guarantee the
   security and safety of the ethnic Madurese souls which are in a
   cornered position. and to protect, safeguard and return the rights of
   the ethnic Madurese which were obtained in years with great difficulty
   and are now looted, seized and burned by other ethnic groups.
   Besides that to urge the government to hold immediately a national
   reconciliation, particularly among the clashing ethnic groups in West
   Kalimantan. "The Madurese in West Kalimantan are asked to increase
   unity and integrity, vigilance and have a deep patience and
   resignation in facing the afflictions and calamity with increasing
   prayers for forgiveness and prayers to Allah SWT," Fuad Amin Imron
   The Madurese religious scholars also appealed to the government not to
   send the Madurese who for years has lived in West Kalimantan home to
   Madura, conform their rights as citizens, in order not to create new
   problems, because West Kalimantan is a part of the territory of the
   Unitarian State of the Republic of Indonesia.
   The tension at the district of Paloh, about 300 km from Pontianak
   happened since last Monday at midnight. But till Wednesday afternoon
   yesterday the mass was still seen with yellow and red head bands. A
   part was still burning houses and cars owned by Madurese.
   The burnt houses were located at the villages of Tanah Hitam, Malek,
   Nibung at the District of Telukkeramat, and in Liku (capital of the
   district of Palioh), the villages Sebubus and Setinggak. The amount
   was more than 500 units.
   A gripping atmosphere still covered also the villages of Senangi and
   Lela, the district of Telukkeramat north of the Sambas Regency. In
   this village, according to an eye witness, about 200 houses were burnt
   by the mass and tens of corpses were found, killed by the mass Tuesday
   afternoon till night. Tens of others laid in the forest around
   About 150 security forces from the PPRM
   (Mass Riots Suppressing Force) arrived in the afternoon at Paloh. They
   arrived at the Telukkalong pier (Telukkeramat) after the trucks which
   carried them crossed the Great Sambas river with a ferry KMP Merawan
   II. The troops were led by the police chief of Sambas Lieutenant
   Colonel (Pol) M Nurdin and the Deputy Commander of the PPRM Lieutenant
   Colonel (Pol) Johnny W Usman. The PPRM troops will be spread at the
   two remote districts.
   The wave of refugees from the Sambas regency still continues.
   Wednesday about 2,800 souls arrived at Pontianak, among them three
   women who just two days gave birth, Mrs Midah (21), Mrs Saritah (22)
   and Mrs Sari'ah (35). The mothers and babies are in good health.
   Already 16,500 refugees are estimated in Pontianak but only around
   13,191 are sheltered at the refugee centers. The balance is taken up
   by their families.
   The Pontianak municipality administration has instructed the village
   chiefs (lurah) to record the new citizens, to facilitate supervision
   and coordination in the effort to rehabilitate and relocate the
   refugees after the social riots. (*)