IN/IRJA: IMN - Timika Victims Burie

Date: Thu Apr 18 1996 - 14:11:00 EDT

Subject: IN/IRJA: IMN - Timika Victims Buried in Sorong


Indonesia Media Network (IMN) - All translations 'as received.' - John
17 Apr 96
Six Victims of Timika Shooting Buried in Sorong

   Jayapura. 4/16 (ANTARA) - The six members of the Indonesian Armed
   Forces from the 752nd Batallion Regional of the Eight District Command
   of Trikora based in Sorong, the capital of Sorong Regency, of Irian
   Jaya, according to plans will be buried in Sorong, Wednesday morning,
   in a military ceremony.
   The bodies of the six victims of hte shooting by a member of ABRI at
   the Timika Airport on Tuesday, will be transported by a special plane
   to Sorong, said officer of Informations of the Eigth District Command
   Capt. CAJ Eddy Sulistiadjie, when asked by ANTARA on Tuesday.
   The names of the members of the 752nd Batallion who died in the
   shooting by one of their colleagues on Monday (15/4) at 5:00 Am at the
   Timika Airport are Sgt. 2nd Class Joko, Private Mochtar, Private
   Kasyanto, Private Triyono, Private Rudy, and Private Misdiyono.
   They will be buried in the Sorong Bahagia Cemetary in the city of
   Two other members of the 752nd Batallion, Sgt. Irkam and Sgt.
   Subiyanto, who died because because of the GPK Irian Jaya in Senewak
   village, on Sunday (4/14) at 12:10 PM Eastern Indonesian time.
   The two members of the Armed Forves was killed by the GPK who
   disguised themselves as local civilian vegetable vendors. The body of
   the two were flown from Senewak to Timika airport on Monday, at the
   same time the shooting happened, which killed 10 ABRI members and 5
   civilians including Airfast pilot Mick Findlay from New Zealand who
   died on the spot.