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Date: Sat Apr 06 1996 - 11:49:00 EST

Subject: IN/MIL: IMN - Kostrad, Kopassus Commanders


Indonesia Media Network - All translations "as received." - John
6 Apr 96
Lieut. Gen. Wiranto Appointed Commander of Army Strategic Reserve,
Commander of Special Force Command Has the Position of Major General

   JAKARTA -- Soon, the Special Force Command (Kopassus) will be held by
   a commander with the position of major general. The promotion is a
   consequences from the extension and development of the elite force
   organization of the Indonesian Armed Forces (ABRI) which now is led by
   Brig. Gen. Prabowo Subianto.
   Army Chief of Staff Gen. R. Hartono explained the plan Thursday (4/4)
   in Cijantung, Jakarta. "Kopassus will be led by a two starred
   general," he said after the transfer of Commander of Army Strategic
   Reserve (Pangkostrad) from Lieut. Gen. Tarub to Lieut. Gen. Wiranto.
   The rumor about the extension of Kopassus has actually been heard
   since last year. It is said, the President has received the
   explanation on the plan. But only now that there is an official
   statement from the ABRI leader.
   Initially when attending the appointment of Marine Chief of Staff, Air
   Force Chief of Staff and Chief of National Police in the State Palace
   recently, ABRI General Chief of Staffs Lieut. Gen. Soeyono admitted
   the existence of the explanation. when the realization will be, he
   does not wish to answer yet.
   Several people assume the development of the Kopassus organization
   appears to be straightening the path of Subianto -- who is said to be
   one of the "rising star" -- toward the peak of the ABRI leadership.
   Because who is said to be taking the position, is non other than
   Subianto himself. It means, the promotion of position from brig. gen.
   to maj. gen. will be achieved in a same unity, and he will be the
   first ABRI Academy member from the 1974 generation to obtain two
   starred position.
   Gen. Hartono himself said, the reason the extension of Kopassus is
   because of the demand and necessity of Kopassus itself, not because of
   the demands of outsiders. When will the extension be done? Hartono
   responded, "Time is a relative matter, but basically it will be soon."
   Subianto himself appeared to be avoiding when asked about his comment.
   "Extension? I have no idea yet," he said. When told that Hartono has
   revealed the plan, he then admitted. "I've heard about the leadership
   He did not deny that recently there was an appointment, in a large
   scale, of Kopassus soldiers. But, he said, that was only to replace
   those who have retired. When reporters asked, how could so many
   soldiers be retired in short time, Subianto smiled.
   At the moment Kopassus which headquarters is in Cijantung has three
   force groups which consist of two operational group, Group I in
   Taktakan, Serang, and Group II in Kandang Menjangan, Kartasura, Solo.
   While Group III is an education group in Batujajar, West Java.
   According to a source, with the extension and development of the
   organization there will be five groups, Group IV and V which are
   operational groups and based in Jakarta.
   Through its history, the elite force which used to be called Storm
   Troops (RPKAD) and Kopasandha, has always been led by a one-starred
   general of a colonel. In fact, in its earlier years it was led by a
   major which became lieutenant colonel, Idjon Djanbi.
   However, the institution once used to be led a three-starred general,
   who was Lieut. Gen. Yogie SM. Yogie - now Minister of Domestic Affairs
   -- back then was also as the Siliwangi Commander of Regional Military
   Command and Commander of Defense District of Java and Madura.
   Several popular names had led the red barret force. Among others were
   Sarwo Edhie Wibowo, Kaharudin Nasution, Moeng Parhadimulyo, Wijoyo
   Soeyono, Witarmin, Wismoyo Arismunandar, Sintong Panjaitan, Kuntara,
   Tarub, Agum Gumelar, and Soebagyo HS who is now the Diponegoro
   Regional military Commander.
   Meanwhile, the Strategic Command has formerly have changes. Usually,
   Pangkostrad is a two-starred general. Since Wiranto, the 20th
   Pangkostrad, this position is held by a lieut. gen. "The Strategic
   Reserve has two divisions, so it is only natural if it is led by a
   lieut. gen.," said ABRI Commander when explaining the changed three
   weeks ago. As abroad, he said, a military corps is led by a lieut.
   gen. And the Strategic Reserve is included in that criteria.
   The transfer of Pangkostrad last Thursday was led by Hartono. The new
   official, Lieut. Gen. Wiranto, who wa formerly the 12th Regional
   Military Commander. While Lieut. Gen. Tarub, in accordance with the
   plan, will carry out a duty period.
   The replacement of Pangkostrad appears to be consuming lots of
   attention. Attending the event were ABRI General Chief of Staffs
   Lieut. Gen. Soeyono, ABRI Chief of Staff of Social and Political
   Affairs Lieut. Gen. Syarwan Hamid, Deputy for Army Chief of Staff
   Lieut. Gen. FX Sudjasmin, Commander of Regional Military Command Maj.
   Gen. Sutiyoso, Head of BIA May. Gen. Syamsir Siregar, Dan Kodiklat
   Maj. Gen. Hendropriyono, Dan Kopassus Brig. Gen. Prabowo, and several
   Regional Military Commanders and former Pangkostrads.
   Before releasing the Regional Military Commander on March 30, 1996
   Wiranto was lieut. gen. This is something special. Especially when his
   new position is as Pangkostrad which has always been held by a major
   He was one of ABRI stars. As a graduate from AMN 1968, he became the
   first regional military commander. He was also the pioneer of his
   generation who acchieved the position of major general and lieutenant
   general. Other figures from his generation were Maj. Gen. Agum
   Gumelar, 3rd Level Expert Staff ABRI Commander in Chief in the
   Political and Defense Field.
   Around eight months before commanding Jakarta Regional Military
   Command, Wiranto was the Chief of Staff of the command accompanying
   the commander, Maj Gen Hendropriyono. He then replaced Hendropriyono
   as the 12th Commander.
   Kostrad is not new to Wiranto. After graduating from the National
   Military Academy, he occupied various positions in the unit. In 1989,
   he was the Operation Assistant of Kostrad Second Division.
   After that, Wiranto became the President's Ajutant until 1993. During
   the same period, Chief of the National Police Lieut Gen (Police) Dibyo
   Widodo also served as ajutant. The intimacy between the two lasts
   until now.
   After attending the Army Command and Staff School in 1983, Wiranto
   also attended other educational institutions. He is a graduate of
   Military Law Institute and Open University specializing in Public
   This father of three is also active in several sport activities. He
   holds a number of nonmilitary positions. He is the Head of Jakarta
   Shooting Association. He is also the Deputy Head of Indonesian
   Taekwondo Association, the Deputy Head of Indonesian Boxing
   Commission, and President of Indonesian Bridge Association.
   During the transfer ceremony, General Hartono said that the transfer
   is in accordance with the policy of Army leadership. "This has been
   planned since long ago. Nothing is special," he said.
   Pangkostrad, he told the press, is a strategic post in the Army. The
   Army, according to him, leans on Kostrad's activities.
   In his speech, Hartono said that Kostrad should be able to execute the
   domestic defense and security tasks professionally. And thus, it is
   able to secure the national stability. Kostrad, he continued, should
   also perform social political tasks.
   Kostrad's soldiers, according to Hartono, should consolidate
   themselves to become professionals. Expertise should always be
   improved. It is also hoped that Kostrad's soldiers achieve high level
   of readiness.