NFIP Resolutions on East Timor

Date: Sat Dec 01 1990 - 20:46:00 EST

                      RESOLUTION ON EAST TIMOR


            PAWARENGA, AOTEAROA (N.Z.) 6 November, 1990

    The Sixth N.F.I.P. Conference, meeting in Waiuku and Pawarenga,
Aotearoa (N.Z.), during 1-7 November 1990, considering the grave
situation on East Timor due to 15 years of Indonesian military
invasion and occupation and the continuing resistance of the East
Timorese people for just struggle for self-determination and

1) supports the right to independence of the Maubere people in
    accordance with the United Nations Charter and General Assembly
    Resolution 1514 (XV).

2) supports the United Nations Security Council Resolutions 384
    (1975) and 389 (1976) and demands that Indonesia immediately and
    unconditionally withdraw all its troops.

3) condemns the Suharto regime for its genocidal war and occupation
    of East Timor.

4) calls on the Suharto government to authorize international
    observers and humanitarian organizations to enter East Timor to
    freely investigate conditions in the country and report on human
    rights violations.

5) demands the unconditional release of those arrested before and
    since 1981 for opposing the Indonesian occupation, and a halt to
    summary executions.

6) calls upon community organizations, members of representative
    bodies, and governments in the Pacific region to urge the United
    Nations Secretary-General to intensify his efforts to achieve a
    just and lasting settlement of the East Timor issue and to
    include from the start the participation of representatives of
    the East Timorese people.

7) firmly rejects attempts of Indonesia to participate in any way in
    the South Pacific Forum.

8) demands that Indonesia withdraw from East Timor, West Papua, and

9) condemns the recognition of Indonesia's military annexation by
    governments in the region, in particular the governments of
    Australia and New Zealand.

10) condemns the agreement between Indonesia and Australia to jointly
    exploit the oil resources of East Timor.

11) welcomes the growing awareness in the Pacific communities of the
    East Timor drama and commits the NFIP movement to renewed and
    sustained activities on East Timor among all sections of the
    people, including Indigenous Peoples' organizations, trade
    unions, churches, peace activists, parliamentarians, and other
    NGO's. The following actions should be carried out:

    1. that every NFIP member in the Pacific region should endeavor
        to lobby to respective organizations and the governments to
        support the right of the people of East Timor to self-
        determination and independence.

    2. that every NFIP member undertake the responsibility to
        disseminate information about the struggle of the people of
        East Timor.

    3. to commit the NFIP member organizations to write letters of
        protest to their respective governments and local Indonesian
        embassy on 7 December 1990 to commemorate 15 years of
        Indonesian invasion.

    4. Considering the elaborate underground network of the
        Resistance in East Timor, we make an appeal to all member
        organizations of the NFIP to express their solidarity through
        financial contributions where this is possible. Such
        contributions will support the information network of the

        FRETILIN, "Revolutionary Front for Independence of East Timor,"
        c/o 7 Flynn Place, Bonnyrigg, N.S.W. 2177, AUSTRALIA


On 2 November, the conference passed another resolution calling for
freedom for the 51 students detained in Dili and the four who were
arrested and disappeared: David da Conceicao, Bendito Silva, Taolfu, and
Claudio Boavida. This was immediately faxed to the governments of
Indonesia and several other countries.