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Paul Ricoeur Collection

Manuscript Collection No.118
Overview | Biography | Scope and Content | Container List

Supplement to the Paul Ricoeur Collection


1 cu. ft. in one box. 1940-1988.

Provenance: The Ohio University Library received the Paul Ricoeur Collection as a gift from Mr. Ricoeur in November 1989. Kenneth D. Woods, II processed the collection in April 1990.

Property Rights: The Ohio University Library owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Mr. Ricoeur has not dedicated copyrights and/or possible literary rights to the public. Consideration of such rights is the responsibility of the researcher and publisher. Permission to examine this collection includes no right to publish from it without securing the necessary permission in writing from either Prof. Charles E. Reagan (Kansas State University) or Prof. David Stewart (Ohio University) whom Mr. Ricoeur has designated as his agents.

Access: Access to this collection is restricted. Persons wishing to see the collection should first check with departmental staff.

Photoduplication: Ohio University Library will entertain requests to photocopy reasonable amounts of material from the collection for the convenience of individual researchers.

Citation: Researchers are requeseted to cite collection name and number, and Ohio University Library in all footnotes and bibliographical references.

Source: Source material for the Biographical Sketch and the Scope and Content was provided by Prof. Charles E. Reagan of Kansas State University.

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Paul Ricoeur was born on 27 February 1913 in Valence, France. Within two years of his birth, he lost both of his parents. Following this, Ricoeur and his sister were raised by an aunt. After receiving his Licence es Lettres from the University of Rennes in 1933, Ricoeur taught philosophy in the lycee of Saint- Brieuc. He married Simone Lejas in 1935.

While in the service of his country during World War II, Ricoeur was captured and spent five years in a German POW camp. Following the war, he returned to teaching philosophy this time at the college level. Following World War II and up until 1983, Ricoeur held positions at College Cevanol, Strasbourg, the Sorbonne, the University of Paris in Nanterre, the Louvain in Belgium and the University of Chicago.

Topics of Ricoeur's works have included hermenutics of religious symbols, the philosophy of psychoanalysis, biblical interpretation, theories of metaphor and the problem of narrative writing. His writing is usually in the form of logical argumentation between opposing positions. From this, Ricoeur attempts to obtain the valid and truthful contributions of each position while not attempting to form a synthesis of these contributions.

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The Paul Ricoeur Collection is in 1 box containing 60 folders of the philospher's papers. The material covers years ranging from 1940 to 1988. The folders are arranged in no particular chronological or alphabetical order. The contents of this collection are papers discussing various and sundry philosophical topics. Portions of this collection are in languages other than English, and when this occurs it will be cited in the collection inventory. All material in this collection is photocopied from original manuscripts.

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I. Paul Ricoeur Collection Papers

Box 1
  • Folder 1 - 'Biblical Time,' 22 pages of typescript.
  • Folder 2 - 'The Right and the Good,' 27 pages of typescript.
  • Folder 3 - 'The Teleological and Deontological Structures of Action: Aristotle and/or Kant,' 2 drafts of typescript; 19 pages and 18 pages. 1 manuscript in French; 5 pages.
  • Folder 4 - 'Beyond Autonomy and Heteronomy,' 31 pages of typescript.
  • Folder 5 - 'Ancient Philosophy of Time,' 51 pages of manuscript.
  • Folder 6 - 'From Proclamation to Narrative,' 22 pages of typescript.
  • Folder 7 - 'The Fragility of Political Language,' 16 pages of typescript.
  • Folder 8 - 'Cours sur le Temps (1961-62),' 79 pages of manuscript in French. 5 page article, 'Instruction sur L'Ere de la Republique et sur la Division de L'Annee,' published in La Nouvelle Revue Francaise in French.
  • Folder 9 - 'Cours sur le Temps (1961-62),' 122 pages of manuscript in French.
  • Folder 10 - 'Cours sur le Temps (1961-62),' 169 pages of manuscript in French.
  • Folder 11 - 'Ipseite/Alternite/Socialite,' 29 pages of typewritten material in French published in Archivio di Filosofia, LIV, 1986, N. 1-3.
  • Folder 12 - 'The Status of Vorstellung in Hegel's Philosophy of Religion,' Boston University, 9 April 1980. 29 pages of typescript.
  • Folder 13 - 'Theory of History and Theory of Action,' Chapel Hill, 10 October 1980. 34 pages.
  • Folder 14 - 'History and Fiction,' Duke University, 16 March 1984. 17 pages of manuscript and typescript.
  • Folder 15 - 'History, Historicity and Narrative I,' 11 January 1983. 86 pages of manuscript and typescript. Portions are in French.
  • Folder 16 - 'Historical Time - Part Two,' 41 pages of manuscript. 2 pages of typescript from 'Historical Time - Part One.'
  • Folder 17 - 'Mythical Time,' Chicago course, Spring 1983. 24 pages of manuscript.
  • Folder 18 - 'Temps chez Kant,' Chicago course, 1981. 16 pages of manuscript.
  • Folder 19 - 'Crisis and the Concept of Modernity,' New School for Social Research, New York, 16 April 1986. 30 pages of typescript.
  • Folder 20 - 'Greimas' Narrative Grammar,' 23 pages of typescript.
  • Folder 21 - 'The Memory of Suffering,' Synagogue Rabbi Edelheit, Chicago, 1986. 7 pages of typescript.
  • Folder 22 - 'Mimesis, Reference, and Refiguration in Time and Narrative,' Harford College, 15 April 1987. 13 pages of typescript. 2 pages of manuscript. 2 page correspondence to Professors Heyward and Craven from Ricoeur dated 30 December 1987.
  • Folder 23 - 'Poetics and Symbolics,' 39 pages of typescript translated by David Pellauer.
  • Folder 24 - 'Crisis and the Concept of Modernity,' 61 pages of handwritten and typescript; portions in English and portions in French.
  • Folder 25 - 'Phenomenology and the Social Sciences,' 22 pages of typescript.
  • Folder 26 - 'Irrationality and the Plurality of Philosophical Systems,' 28 pages of typescript.
  • Folder 27 - 'The Imagination in Discourse and in Action,' 32 pages of typescript.
  • Folder 28 - 'Hermenutics and the History of Religions,' Chicago, 1983. 29 pages of typescript and 18 pages of manuscript.
  • Folder 29 - 'The Other,' Chicago. Spring Quarter, 1986. 66 pages of manuscript.
  • Folder 30 - 'Practical Reason,' Translated by R. Czerny. 38 pages of typescript.
  • Folder 31 - 'Practice and Action,' Chicago, Fall 1988. 63 pages of manuscript.
  • Folder 32 - 'Vorstellung/Darstellung,' Seminar I. Chicago, Fall 1977. 42 pages of manuscript.
  • Folder 33 - 'Vorstellung/Darstellung,' Seminar II. 55 pages of manuscript.
  • Folder 34 - 'On Imagination: From Picture to Fiction,' Translated and edited by R. Bradley DeFord. 51 pages of typescript.
  • Folder 35 - 'Edmund Husserl - La Cinquieme Meditation Cartesienne,' 41 pages of typescript in French.
  • Folder 36 - 'Narrative and Psychoanalysis,' 9 pages of typescript in French.
  • Folder 37 - 'Interview avec Paul Ricoeur,' 7 October 1986. Interview conducted by Robert Illes. 11 pages of typescript in French.
  • Folder 38 - 'Sur un Autoportrait de Rembrandt,' 4 pages of typescript and 3 pages of a published interview both of which are in French.
  • Folder 39 - 'Towards a Poetics of the Will,' Rensselaer College. 2-4 June 1972. 47 pages of typescript.
  • Folder 40 - 'Heinz Kohut: The Self in Psychoanalysis and in Phenomenological Philosophy,' 27 pages of typescript. Translated by David Pellauer.
  • Folder 41 - 'Imagination in Kant's Three Critiques,' Part 1. 61 pages of manuscript.
  • Folder 42 - 'Imagination in Kant's Three Critiques,' Part 2. 65 pages of manuscript.
  • Folder 43 - 'Exegesis and Theology in the Passion Narratives,' 34 pages of typescript in French.
  • Folder 44 - 'Tolerance, Intolerance, Intolerable,' 27 pages of typescript in French.
  • Folder 45 - 'Narrative Identity,' 10 pages of handwritten manuscript, in English. 9 pages of manuscript, in French. 16 pages of typescript in French.
  • Folder 46 - 'Speaking and Writing,' 31 pages of manuscript.
  • Folder 47 - 'The Implication of Phenomenology for a Political Philosophy,' Part I. 38 pages of manuscript.
  • Folder 48 - 'Theories of Metaphor,' Chicago. Winter 1977- 78. 52 pages of manuscript.
  • Folder 49 - 'Nietzsche: The Use and Abuse of History,' 16 pages of manuscript.
  • Folder 50 - 'From Reproductive to Productive Imagination,' 5 pages of manuscript.
  • Folder 51 - 'Violence and Nonviolence,' 29 pages of typescript, in French. 5 pages of manuscript, in English.
  • Folder 52 - 'Phenomenology and Linguistics,' 13 pages of manuscript.
  • Folder 53 - 'The Individual,' Colloquim at Royaumont. 22, 23, and 24 October 1985. 33 pages of typescript in French.
  • Folder 54 - 'The Crisis of the Cogito,' 18 pages of typescript. 23 pages of typescript, in French.
  • Folder 55 - 'The Implication of Phenomenology for a Political Philosophy,' Part 2. 21 pages of manuscript.
  • Folder 56 - 'The Philosophy of Nietzsche,' Chicago. Spring 1976. 86 pages of manuscript portions of which are in English and French.
  • Folder 57 - Notebook of May 17, 1942. 15 pages of manuscript in French.
  • Folder 58 - 'Hermenutics and the Human Sciences,' 22 pages of typescript in French.
  • Folder 59 - Untitled manuscript. 1940-1945. German POW camp. 93 pages of manuscript in French.
  • Folder 60 - Outline of Book on the Will. 6 pages of manuscript in French. 4 pages of maunscript and typescript in French and German.

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