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Wayne L. Hays Papers

Manuscript Collection No.96

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32.6 cu.ft. in 34 boxes. 1948-1975.

Provenance: The Ohio University Library received the Wayne L. Hays Papers as a gift from Mr. Hays on November 22, 1976. John Evan Moser processed the collection in the Spring of 1988.

Property Rights: The Ohio University Library owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Mr. Hays has dedicated copyrights and literary rights to the public. The Ohio University library reserves the right to duplicate or reproduce this property for purposes of preservation, security, and/or dissemination for research purposes.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the Ohio University Libraries.

Photoduplication: The Ohio University Library will entertain requests to photocopy reasonable amounts of material from the collection for the convenience of individual researchers.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection name and number and the Ohio University Libraries in all footnotes and bibliographical references.

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Wayne Levere Hays was born in Bannock, Belmont County, Ohio, on May 13, 1911. He graduated with a B.A. from Ohio State University in 1933 and attended Duke University in 1935.

Mr. Hays served as Mayor of Flushing, Ohio from 1939-45, was elected to the Ohio State Senate from 1941-42, and was Belmont County Commissioner from 1945-49. He was elected as a Democrat to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1948 and served through fourteen Congresses, finally leaving office in 1976.

Mr. Hays was a member of the Officers' Reserve Corps of the United States Army from 1933 until called to active duty during World War II as a second lieutenant on December 8, 1941. He received a medical discharge in August, 1942. As a U.S. Congressman, he was chairman of the House delegation to the North Atlantic Assembly from 1955 to 1976. In addition, he headed special investigative committees for tax-exempt foundations and the Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. case.

In 1976 Hays was removed from his position as chair of the House Administration Committee and later forced to resign as a result of a scandal involving allegations of misuse of government funds. He then served as Ohio state representative from 1978 to 1980. He is currently the chairman of the Belmont County Democratic Committee.

SOURCES:Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1971 ed., p. 1095;

Who's Who In American Politics, 11th ed., 1987, p. 1165;

The New York Times, May-September 1976.

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There are 34 boxes of material contained in this collection, covering the years 1948-1975. This material is arranged in six series according to subject: (1) Legislation introduced or sponsored by Hays; (2) Hays' voting record; (3) Committee files; (4) Correspondence and clippings; (5) Photographs; and (6) Miscellaneous materials.

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Box 1 - Legislation introduced by Hays, 81st-86th Congress--NATO Parliament, Membership of Spain in NATO, foreign trade, and others.

Box 2 - Legislation introduced by Hays, 87th-90th Congress--Invasion of Czechoslovakia, Establishment of Peace Corps, Mine Safety, foreign trade, and others.

Box 3 - Legislation introduced by Hays, 91st Congress--Vietnam, War Powers Act, Middle East, Lead-free gasoline act, international trade, and others.

Box 4 - Legislation introduced by Hays, 92nd Congress--Strip mining, tax reform, establishment of Department of Health, protest of killings of Israeli Olympic team in Munich, withdrawal of troops from Vietnam, and others.

Box 5 - Legislation introduced by Hays, 93rd Congress--Arms sales to Israel, anti-hijacking act of 1973, passports, foreign investments, and others.

Box 6 - Legislation introduced by Hays, 94th Congress--Tax form simplification, non-recognition of Soviet annexation of the Baltic states, friendship with China, M.I.A.'s in Vietnam, and others.


Box 7a - Voting Records, Individual and Collective, 86th-91st Congress

Box 7b - Voting Records, Individual and Collective, 92nd-94th Congress


Box 8 - Tax-Exempt Foundations Investigation, Reports and clippings, 83rd Congress, 1954

Box 9 - Tax-Exempt Foundations Investigation, Reports and clippings, 84th Congress, 1955

Box 10 - Foreign Affairs Committee, 84th-92nd Congress

Box 11 - Foreign Affairs Committee, 93rd-94th Congress, Miscellaneous committee material

Box 12 - Foreign Affairs Committee, Documents and Correspondence, NATO, Atlantic Congress

Box 13 - U.S.I.A., State Department Hearings, 1976-77

Box 14 - House Administration Committee Material

Box 15 - Telephone Messages and Chairman's Files, 93rd Congress


Box 16 - Speeches, Clippings, Correspondence, 81st-83rd Congress--Kefauver for President, World Health Assembly, others

Box 17 - Speeches, Clippings, Correspondence, 83rd-85th Congress--Foreign Policy Conference, "Youth Wants to Know," Town Meetings of the Air, others

Box 18 - Speeches, Clippings, Correspondence, 85th-86th Congress--Hungarian Refugees, World Health Organization, International Astronautical Federation, Conference on World Council of International Christian Leadership, others

Box 19 - Speeches, Clippings, Correspondence, 87th-89th Congress--Ohio University, Madame Nhu, Johnson Farm, Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner, John Glenn, others

Box 20 - Speeches, Clippings, Correspondence, 90th Congress--Honorary Degrees from Ohio University and University of Steubenville, Johnson for President, others

Box 21 - Speeches, Clippings, Correspondence, 91st-92nd Congress--Property, Pentagon Papers, Attempted Defection of Lithuanian Sailor, French Friendship Tour, Ralph Nader, others

Box 22 - Speeches, Clippings, Correspondence, 92nd-93rd Congress--Bermuda Conference, Brown vs. Belmont County Commissioners, Williamsburg Conference, Child Abuse, Congressional Hotel, others

Box 23 - Speeches, Clippings, Correspondence, 94th Congress, Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings, 1954-1966, Presentation of Caritas Medal, Visit to Colombia, 1969 Property Tax File, Two Journals from Europe

Box 24 - Correspondence regarding Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Case, 1966-67

Box 25 - Newspaper Clippings from Elections, 1949-1972

Box 26 - Congressional Record Clippings, 81st-89th Congress

Box 27 - - Congressional Record Clippings, 91st-92nd Congress

Box 28 - Congressional Record Clippings, 1973-1976, General Debate, Floor Proceedings


Box 29 - Photographs--Mostly personal, Affairs of state, Kennedy and Johnson, Trips to France, Denmark, West Germany, Hungarian Refugees

Box 30 - More Photographs--Mostly personal, Reception for British, Visits to West Germany and Belgium, Visit of Knoedler family, Scrapbook, Photos of Johnson and Humphrey.


Box 31 - House Administration Committee Report, Foreign Broadcasting Report, House Rules and Manual, The New York Times Guide to the Nation's Capital

Box 32 - State Department Report, U.S.I.A. Report, Foreign Loans and Grants Report

Box 33 - Day of Atonement, by Max W. Jacobs, Born Again, by Charles W. Colson, Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Report, Foreign Policy Report, Inaugural Addresses, Declaration of Atlantic Unity, Three NATO Pamphlets, Handbook of Mutual Security Legislation, Scrapbook of Visit to Vietnam, 1965, Speech at OSU, 1964, Memorials to Johnson, Eisenhower, and Truman, Book on McCarthyism, Travel Document Issuance System, Autographed article in Business Week, Monroe Doctrine Catalog, Steel Trade Investigative Report, Miscellaneous Correspondence, Where in the World are We Going, Program from Democratic Congressional Victory Dinner, 1975.

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