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Addison Ballard Collection

Manuscript Collection No.23

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.3 cu.ft. in one box. 1865 - 1881.

Provenance: The Ohio University Library received the Ballard Collection as a gift from Mr. Ted Langstroth in August of 1971. Tarita M. Stokes processed the collection in April of 1983.

Property Rights: The Ohio University Library owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Mr. Langstroth has dedicated such copyrights and literary rights as he may possess in this collection to the public. Consideration of all other copyrights and possible literary rights is the responsibility of the researcher and publisher.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the Ohio University Library.

Photoduplication: The Library will entertain requests to photocopy reasonable amounts of material from the collection for the convenience of individual researchers.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite collection name, collection number and Ohio University Library in all footnotes and bibliographic references.

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Addison Ballard, clergyman and educator, was born in Farmington, Mass., October 18, 1822. He graduated with honors from Williams College in 1842; thereafter, he was a professor at Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Hadley, Massachusetts. After preparation for the ministry, he became a professor of mathematics and Latin at Ohio University. He taught at a number of different colleges during his life, and he also wrote several outstanding pieces of literature. He achieved honorary membership in the London Society of Science.

National Encyclopedia of American Biography, volume 3.

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The Ballard Collection consists largely of letters of the Ballard family. The letters represent day-to-day correspondence in which inquiries are made regarding health and family affairs. Also included in the collection is a eulogy from the funeral of a family member.

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Box 1

  • Folder 1 - Letters to C.P.'s wife from C.P., and from Otis to C.P..
  • Folder 4 - Letters from the Ballard Family 1865. Some from Cousin Hawkes in Circleville and from Otis, and I from John Ballard of Athens.
  • Folder 5 - Letters of the Ballard Family 1866. One letter dated June 12, speaks about Marietta College.
  • Folder 6 - Letters of the Ballard Family 1867. Mostly from Addison & Otis; some from Athens (e.g. John Ballard & Jared Maris.)
  • Folder 7 - Letter of the Ballard Family 1868. A.L.S. from L.E. Sleigh (Wash. Diplomat(?)) to C.P. Ballard about their poor president.
  • Folder 8 - Letters of the Ballard Family 1869. Also church brochure showing Addison Ballard as Pastor.
  • Folder 9 - Letters of the Ballard Family 1870-71. John Ballard speaks about the expected completion of the Hocking Railroad "in about 3 or 4 months" (Ap. 23, 1870).
  • Folder 10 - Letters of the Ballard Family 1872-83. Cousin Hawkes speaks about Grant's election (Nov. 17, 1872).
  • Folder 11 - Diary from unknown authoress in an academy in or near Deerfield, Mass. from 1847-50. Mentions Mr. Ballard prayer meeting on p.l. Also small school remembrance book belonging to Ellen G(?) or Cullingham 1962, and signed by her school mates.
  • Folder 12 - Partial and undated letters. Some perhaps not relevant to Ballard family.
  • Folder 13 - Printed materials relating to Ballards. (1) Christian Manhood by Frank Otis Ballard (2)Memorial of The Rev. James Ballard 1881.

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