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Cornelius Ryan Collection of World War II Papers

Inventory of Scrapbook No. 10

Page No Details (Title, Publication, Date)
1 Magazine article "Now There Was A True Historian" by Bob Considine, January 1975
2 Newspaper photograph of Kathy Ryan, James Gavin, and Mathew Ridgeway,n.d.
Magazine article "Operation '74 Strictly from a Woman's Viewpoint" by Eve Wood,n.d.
Magazine article "Minutes of December 7 Meeting board of Directors", January,1975
3 Letter from Kathy Ryan to those who assisted after C. Ryan's death, "Static Line", February 1975
4 Page from "Overseas Press Club Bulletin" titled "Awards 74-75 Overseas Press Club",n.d.
5 Article detailing awarding of OPC "Best book on foreign affairs" to Ryan, "Overseas Press Club Bulletin",n.d.
6 Page from program of Ridgefield Workshop's presentation of "Camelot" dedicating it to C. Ryan,n.d.
7 Article "'A Bridge Too Far' set for June 11 preview", Columbus "Citizen Journal", May 25,1977
Article "Columbus picked for film review" by David Slutsky, "The Booster", May 18,1977
8 Article "Journalist-Author's Wife Speaks" by Bud Wilkinson, Columbus "Dispatch", May 27,1977
9 Article "Movie Stars Light Sky At Gala Columbus Premiere" by Shirley McNeeley, Columbus "Dispatch", June 12,1977
10 Article "'Bridge' Preview in Columbus" by Herb Amey, Athens "Messenger", June 13,1977
11 Article "Scholarships cross 'Bridge Too Far' for Ohio U. Student Correspondents", "OPC Bulletin", July 15,1977
Brochure for Cornelius Ryan Memorial Foreign correspondence Interships,n.d.
12 Newspaper article "Friends of Cornelius Ryan Establish A Memorial Fund For Students of Journalism", October 27,1977
Article "For the 'Ask Them Yourself' Editor", "Family Weekly", July 17,1977
13 Postcard of Athens,Oh City Hall
Invitation to dedication of the Cornelius Ryan Memorial Collection of World War II Papers, June 5,1981
Brochure for the Cornelius Ryan Memorial Collection,n.d.
14 Article "Ryan Memorial Collection Dedicated", Athens "Messenger", n.d.
15 Article "World War II Correspondents Share Experiences" by Robert Ekey, Athens "Messenger", June 7,1981
16 Article "Reporters Mark D-Day Plus 37 Years" by Douglas Kneeland, New York "Times",n.d.
17 Article "War Correspondents Hold 'Last Hurrah'", Athens "Messenger", June 8,1981
18 Article "War correspondents hold reunion", Danbury "News-Times", June 7,1981
19 Newspaper article "So you want to be a journalist" by Dave Cater,n.d.
Newspaper article "Author Cornelius Ryan dies at 54",n.d.
Article "Expresses Thanks","The National AMVET", March - April,1975
20 Article "C-47 Club serves as honor guard at the funeral of Cornelius Ryan","C-47 Club Flyer", January 1975
21 [Empty]
22 Article "Correspondents dedicate park" by Sue Vaudreuil, Athens "News", June 8,1981
23 Cover of Holland Herald,vol 9 num 9
24 Photograph of C. Ryan from Holland Herald
25 Article "The longest days of a man called Ryan", Holland Herald
26 Article from page 25 continued
27 Article from pages 25-26 continued
28 Article from pages 25-27 continued
29 Article from pages 25-28 continued
30 Article from pages 25-29 continued
31 Article from pages 25-30 continued
32 Article "Letter From the Editors" concerning the article "The longest days of a man called Ryan", Holland Herald
33 Photograph of Ryan, New York"Times", November 26,1974
34 Obituary of C. Ryan, Newsweek, December 9,1974
Obituary of C. Ryan, New York "Daily News", November 25,1974
Obituary of C. Ryan, New York "Times", November 25,1974
Newspaper article "Mr Cornelius Ryan",n.d.
Newspaper obituary of C. Ryan,n.d.
35 Article "Cornelius Ryan Dies of Cancer at 54; Wrote 'Longest Day' and 'Last Battle'" by Paul Montgomery, New York "Times", November 25,1974
36 Article "Author Cornelius Ryan Dies at 54" by Linette Burton, Ridgefield "Press", November 26,1974
37 Photographs of Walter Cronkite, Hohn Phillips,Jerry Corn, Larry Aldrich, Richard Deems, and Harry Reasoner at C. Ryan's funeral, Ridgefield "Press", December 5,1974
38 Article "Cornelius Ryan buried near Ridgefield home" by Thom Guarnieri, Danbury "News-Times", November 27,1974
39 Article "Passing Parade" by Herb Caen, San Francisco "Chronicle", November 26,1974
40 Article "Cornelius Ryan,54, Author of 'Longest Day,' 'Last Battle'", "International Herald Tribune", November 25,1974
Newspaper obituary of C. Ryan by Hamish Hamilton,n.d.
41 Article "Wrote Despite Fatal Disease", "Times Democrat", November 25,1974
Article "'The Longest Day' Author,Ryan,Dies", Redford "Bulletin-Democrat", November 28,1974
Obituary of C. Ryan by Mel Juffe, New York "Post", November 25,1974
Newspaper article "War Writer Finishes Trilogy",n.d.
Article "Author Ryan Dies at Age 54", Little Monteray "Peninsula Herald",n.d.
42 Article "Honor at career's end" by Frank Falacci, Cape Cod "News", November 27,1974
43 Article "Connie Ryan remembered" by Bob Considine, Albany "Times Union", December 2,1974
44 Minutes from meeting of Correspondents Fund, October 2,1974
45 Letter to Kathy Ryan from Forrest Pogue, November 27,1974
Letter to Kathy Ryan from J.O.E. Vandeleur,n.d.
46 Letter to Kathy Ryan from Jack O'Brien,nd.
47 Letter to Kathy Ryan from Cyril Ritchard, November 24,1974
Letter to Kathy Ryan from Arthur Schlesinger Jr., November 27,1974
48 Letter to Kathy Ryan from Peter Maas,n.d.
49 Letter to Kathy Ryan from John and Margot Barkham, November 27,1974
50 Letter to Kathy Ryan from [?] at the Department of the Taoiseach,Ireland
51 Letter to Kathy Ryan form Irving Wallace, November 26,1974
52 Telegram to Kathy Ryan from Jacques Kosciusko-Morizet, November 25,1974
53 Letter to Kathy Ryan from Michael Korda, November 24,1974
54 Letter to Kathy Ryan from Joe Ryle, December 2,1974
55 Letter to Kathy Ryan from Ruth Lewiss Farkas, November 25,1974
56 Letter to Kathy Ryan from Rafael Palacios,n.d.
57 Letter to Kathy Ryan from John Charles Daly, December 12,1974
58 Letter to Kathy Ryan from Mrs. Alexander Renaud, February 12,1975
59 Letter to Kathy Ryan from Herb Caen, December 31,1974
60 Obituary of C. Ryan from "Vient de Paritre", January 1975
61 Telegram to Kathy Ryan from Julianna Bernhard, November 25,1974
Telegram to Kathy Ryan from Morris West, November 25,1974
Telegram to Kathy Ryan from Charles Ritz, November 26, 1974
62 Telegram to Kathy Ryan from Maria and Wernher Von Braun, November 26,1974
Telegram to Kathy Ryan from John Davis Lodge, November 26,1974
Telegram to Kathy Ryan from George Englund, November 26,1974
63 Obituary of C. Ryan, Time, December 9,1974
Article "People" by Anthony Burton, New York "Daily News", December 13,1974
Obituary of C. Ryan, "Patriot Ledger", December 5,1974
Obituary of C. Ryan, Publishers Weekly, December 2,1974
63 Letter to Kathy Ryan from Association Des Amis Des Veterans Americains,December 10,1974
64 Newspaper article "Correspondents reminisce" continued [?],n.d.
65 Article "Cornelius Ryan's widow keeps writng legend alive" by Ariane Sains, Danbury "News-Times", July 14,1981
66 Article "University Dedicates Ryan Collection" by Peggy Black, Ridgefield "Press", July 16,1981
66-67 [Empty]

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