New Chapters for Libraries’ Staff

As the Ohio University Libraries prepares for the new school year, several of its employees also prepare for new responsibilities. The staff of Ohio University Libraries is pleased to introduce Dr. Yan He as curator of the East Asian Collection and the Dr. Shao You-Bao Overseas Chinese Documentation and Research Center; and to congratulate Megan Tomeo, Nathan Wolfe and Sean Redefer on their new positions at Alden Library.

Dr. Yan He, curator of the Libraries’ East Asian Collection and the  Dr. Shao You-Bao Overseas Chinese Documentation and Research Center.

He, who received her doctorate in History at Peking University, is well prepared for her role as curator: Prior to joining the Libraries, she worked as a post-doctoral research fellow at the Free University of Berlin, where she spent three years studying overseas Chinese in France during the first half of the 20th century. Her project focused on the successes of the World Society, a cultural enterprise founded by a group of Chinese intellectuals in France.

He has published extensively in the field of history and received research support from a number of esteemed scholarships, including the John F. Kennedy Foundation Research Grant, the Lyndon B. Johnson Foundation Moody Grant, and the Starr Foundation Research Fellowship. She also holds a master’s degree in geography from Indiana University.

As curator of the Shao Center, He will build relationships with other institutions and expand the Center’s collection of information about Chinese influence worldwide.

Another major component of He’s role as curator is to organize an international conference. The Shao Center serves as the Secretariat of the World Confederation of Institutes and Libraries for Chinese Overseas Studies (WCILCOS), an international federation established at an event hosted by Ohio University in 2000. He and her Center for International Collections (CIC) colleagues will play a key role in planning the 2015 WCILCOS conference.

“I’m really looking forward to that conference,” He said. “It’s a unique way to build connections between libraries and researchers, and to promote resource sharing.”

The staff welcomes He to Alden Library and looks forward to all that she will accomplish.

Megan Tomeo, web services librarian.

Megan Tomeo, who holds a Master of Library and Information Science degree from Clarion University, formerly served as the subject librarian for the Russ College of Engineering and Technology and accepted the newly created position of web services librarian in May. Tomeo will collaborate with the Libraries’ web team in the ongoing development of the Libraries’ web site and services.

“We live in a digital world, and we need to provide the Libraries with digital support,” she said. “We need to be sure we not only keep up with trends, but be innovative as well.”

Tomeo’s new position is a step toward that goal. She anticipates gathering performance indicators to paint a “broader view” of the Libraries’ digital presence, which will then inform decisions and lead the Libraries in an intelligent, data-driven direction.

Nathan Wolfe, Government Documents Collections librarian.

OHIO alum Nathan Wolfe, who holds a Master of Library Science and Information degree from Kent State University, recently accepted the title of Government Documents Collection librarian and the task of “weeding” the collection for redundancies. Since the OHIO Libraries is a Federal Depository for the 6th Congressional District, it’s no small undertaking.

“It won’t be without its stressors,” Wolfe said, “but I like challenging things.” Wolfe, who formerly worked in circulation, will spend an estimated two years identifying items that are duplicated online and navigating the governmental regulations of federal document disposal. In the end, the Libraries will have a collection that is more manageable, user-friendly and easily accessible via the Libraries’ catalogue.

Sean Redefer, metadata librarian.

Enter Sean Redefer, the Libraries’ new metadata librarian. Also an OHIO alum, Redefer originally joined Alden as an overnight Libraries Associate on the second floor learning commons and went on to work in circulation. He was happy to accept the new cataloging role.

“I was really excited, because I studied that type of work in library school,” said Redefer, who earned a Master of Library and Information Science degree from Kent State University.

As a metadata librarian, Redefer will find ways to optimize the discoverability of materials — both digital and print — on the Libraries’ catalog.

“I’m looking forward to assessing what kind of new tools that we can use to increase the effectiveness of our catalog, especially with our digital and special collections,” Redefer said.

Hearty congratulations to He, Tomeo, Wolfe and Redefer and best wishes on their new endeavors.