Collections and Digital Initiatives Staff Gather for Retreat

On June 4th and 5th, the Libraries’ collections and digital initiatives staff will gather at the Ohio University Inn for a retreat.

According to Eileen Theodore-Shusta, the Libraries’ director of planning, assessment and organizational effectiveness, “The goals for the retreat are to develop an increased understanding of the work of the division by all members of that staff and to look forward to the changing nature of the work of the division, especially in light of the move from print to digital resources.”

Janet Hulm, who has been with the Libraries since 2005 and became assistant dean for collections and digital initiatives in February, said it’s the first time in her memory that the staff has done anything like it. She expects the retreat will allow for reflection and focus on the continued evolution of library work.

“The print world is shrinking, and the electronic world continues to grow,” Hulm said. “With that, our work changes. What we do and how we do it needs to change, too, in order to ensure we’re doing everything we can to ensure the discoverability and availability of our collections, regardless of format.”

Hulm also expects to come away with a clearer vision of how staff roles are interconnected in these new approaches, and hopes the retreat will be a launching point for on-going, organic discussion about the Libraries’ goals.

Raynna Bowlby, an associate of Library Management Consulting who assisted in the development of OHIO Libraries’ strategic plan, will facilitate the retreat.