Libraries’ Administrator Elected to Serve Leadership Role

Eileen Theodore-Shusta, the Libraries' director of planning, assessment and organizational effectiveness, was elected to serve as the Library Leadership and Management Association's director-at-large.
Eileen Theodore-Shusta, the Libraries’ director of planning, assessment and organizational effectiveness, will serve as the Library Leadership and Management Association’s director-at-large. (Photo by Tyler Stabile/University Libraries)

The Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA), a division of the American Library Association (ALA), is a national organization devoted to strengthening the twin pillars of our libraries: outstanding leadership and management practices.

Beginning in July, Ohio University Libraries’ very own Eileen Theodore-Shusta, director of planning, assessment and organizational effectiveness, will play an instrumental role in that mission. Theodore-Shusta was recently elected to the position of LLAMA’s director-at-large, where she will serve on the executive board and the board of directors at the national level. In that role she will help to shape policy, influence the direction of the organization and communicate members’ interests to the executive committee.

It’s an achievement that was set into motion years ago — she has been a member of the ALA since receiving her Master of Arts degree in library science from the University of Michigan, and she has been involved with LLAMA for approximately 20 years. Having participated as a member of the human resource section; as a member of the measurement, assessment and evaluation section; and as the chair of the association’s membership committee, Theodore-Shusta is undeniably well-suited to assume the role of director-at-large.

She’s also undeniably excited to serve.

“I see this as an opportunity to be someone who represents the whole [LLAMA] membership,” she said. “I can represent people who have come to me with concerns and make sure that I can bring those forward.”

Theodore-Shusta described this opportunity to have a voice at a national executive level as a career goal, and suspects that it was the “little things” — like reliability and commitment — that prompted the nominating committee to approach her about being on the ballot.

“I wouldn’t take on a commitment without actually being committed to doing what needs to be done,” she said. “And for people to recognize that — that’s nice.”

The Libraries’ staff congratulates Theodore-Shusta for her achievement and wishes her the best in this well-deserved leadership position.