Athens International Film & Video Festival (AIFVF) & Alden Library – Part I

AIFVF 2014


This week starts the Athens International Film and Video Festival (AIFVF -to see complete schedule), running April 11-17.   You can go as early as 11am or as late as 9:30pm; there are documentaries, feature films, animations, cartoons, true stories, shorts, and competition programs which focus on a theme and present any where between 2 and 10 like minded films.  Reading through the Special Events/Feature Films we noticed some Ohio University-centric screenings.  Part I of this series of news posts will focus on the Feature Films/Special Events, Part II will focus on other remaining Feature Films/Special Events and Part III will focus on the Competition Shows (which are many!)

Deep Earth – this is a collaboration of School of Art, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, and Create Space; with music by the NOBROW collective.  This entire experience is OU creative forces coming together.  Thursday, April 17 @ 8pm.  

Ernest and Celestine – For children especially, but adults will appreciate too.  Alden Library has a great collection of Children’s film titles – or bring your child to Alden Library and visit our Children’s Collection, or check the link to top 100 Children’s Books at Alden Library.

If you were here a few years back, we were visited by Annie Sprinkle and her partner Beth Stephens where they performed their Purple Wedding to the Mountains in 2010.  Goodbye Gauley Mountain is a look at the Appalachian region through the lens of these two LGBT activists, they will discuss social justice, environment, and poverty issues.   Alden Library has many of the films produced by Appalshop Films, a Kentucky based non-profit agency for the dissemination of educational films that focus on Appalachian stories.  

HERadventure, directed by Ayoka Chenzira a ‘recognized pioneer in African-American independent cinema’ (from AIFVF schedule).  Check it out – interactiave, sci-fi fantasy film, 3D environments and gameplay.  Check out other African-American independent feature films here at Alden; such as Pariah, Girl 6, Black Power Mixtape, Passing Strange, Good Hair, Trouble the Water, Killer of Sheep.  

Le Week-End, directed by Roger Mitchell who has teamed up once again with Hanif Kureishi (The Buddha of Suburbia) also known for directing Notting Hill, Changing Lanes and Persuasion.  

Science on Screen (an ongoing series offered at the Athena) will be presenting Particle Fever with OU’s own Dr. David Ingram leading a post discussion. 

Particle Fever is a riveting documentary by physicist-turned-filmmaker, Mark Levinson. With the help of legendary film editor, Walter Murch, he follows six brilliant scientists during the launch of the Large Hadron Collider, marking the start of the biggest experiment in the history of the planet. As they seek the keys to unlocking the very building blocks of physics, the six protagonists join more than 10, 000 other scientists in pursuit of a single goal: to recreate conditions that existed just moments after the Big Bang and find the Higgs boson, the particle that would explain the origins of all matter.