Posters Populate the Stairwell

If you walk through the stairwell here in Alden Library, you can’t miss seeing the collection of posters hanging between the floors. Before 2003, the walls were quite bare until a poster appeared advertising the Libraries’ then-new instant messaging “Ask a Librarian” service. Since then, the stairwell has featured a wide variety of posters that promote library resources and services as well as events beyond the walls of Alden. This month, you’ll find a collection of posters for Women’s History Month. Rebecca Carman, a senior in Visual Communications and Business Administration who works in the Library as a graphic design assistant (a PACE position), designed the series of striking visuals.

Shaila Meeker

Administrative coordinator Cathy Sitko oversees the design and installation of the posters. While many posters are about the Libraries’ many resources available to the students, faculty and staff who pour through the stairwell daily, others are seasonal or fun, like a summer poster of flowers or a poetry month poster featuring the work of local artists.

Several other students have contributed to the poster collection over the years, including students working in the Libraries’ Digital Initiatives department. This year, Tyler Stabile, a Photojournalism graduate student and the Libraries’ graduate photography assistant, developed a poster featuring one of the 723 photographic portraits of North American Indians included in Edward S. Curtis’ twenty-volume work, The North American Indian. The volumes were published between 1907 and 1930 and can be accessed in Alden Library’s Mahn Center for Archives & Special Collections.

Shaila Meeker, a senior in English and Computer Science and the library’s PACE social media assistant, created a poster that juxtaposes images of students working in Chubb Library and Alden in celebration of the bicentennial of the Ohio University Libraries. While the students are dressed differently and work with different materials, their dedication to their work is clear regardless of decade.


Next month will be poetry month again, and Carman is developing another poster display tied to the month’s celebration. Keep an eye out for it — and the many other posters that populate the stairwell — the next time you walk through Alden.


Left: Shaila Meeker stands in front of the poster she designed for the Libraries bicentennial celebration. Photo by Tyler Stabile/Ohio University Libraries.

Upper right: Rebecca Carman poses with the collection of posters she designed for Women’s History Month. Photo by Tyler Stabile/Ohio University Libraries.

Lower right: A poster designed by Tyler Stabile, featuring an image from The North American Indian.