Big Changes to LearningExpress Library

PrintLearning Express Library has a new interface (LearningExpress Library 3.0) that has replaced the previous version. There is an important note for anyone who has an account in the current version of LearningExpress Library: Accounts that were set up with LearningExpress Library 2.0 will not work with LearningExpress Library 3.0. Users will need to create new accounts for the new system. 

The new version ofLearningExpress Library is available from this page on our Library website. The old version is temporarily available at this address: Anyone with an account in the old version should create an account in the new version and start using it as soon as possible. 

The new interface has many features designed to make it easier to use. It includes a comprehensive selection of educational resources—including more than 800 tutorials, practice exams, eBooks—for basic skills mastery, academic success, job preparation, and career advancement. The Centers in LearningExpress Library include:

  • Adult Learning Center: math and reading skills, U.S. Citizenship, etc.
  • College Center: skills reviews in math, science, reading, writing; preparation for college placement and graduate school admission exams
  • Computer Skills Center: commuter basics, Microsoft and Adobe software, Mac and Windows operating systems
  • Job & Career Accelerator: explore occupations, resumes and cover letters, job interviews, etc.
  • School Center: skills improvement for grades 1-12
  • Career Center: learning about careers, preparation for occupations exams, job and workplace skills, etc.
  • College Preparation Center: test preparation for ACT, SAT, AP, TOEFL, etc.
  • High School Equivalency Center: basic skills; preparation for GED test, HISET, TASC, etc.
  • Recursos Para Hispanohablantes: reding and math skills, preparation for citizenship exam, etc.
  • eBooks 

The LearningExpress Library site has a number of videos under the User Guides menu which can help you find what you need and use it effectively.