“It All Belongs at Home” Exhibit in the Fine Arts Library

HomeExhibitBlogThe 3rd floor Frederick and Kazuko Harris Fine Arts Library is currently hosting “It All Belongs at Home: An Exhibition of Domestic Imagery” by Ohio University College of Fine Arts graduate student Gregory Hatch. The exhibit will be on display through the end of January. 

Hatch’s description of the exhibit: 

This exhibition looks to explore the relationship between works of art inspired and depicting domestic life and the objects and materials present in the home. All the mounted plates are from the Alden Library’s vertical files of art works throughout history. 

The picture plates were selected for their subject matter of the domestic space and also private moments. The works created by myself are a response to this imagery but also the different periods in western culture that they were created. 

I hope that my work gives a glimpse into the psychological undercurrents that are present in our aesthetic choices and the design of the objects we use on a daily and personal basis.These objects relate to the person who chooses them as well as people who are invited into the home where they live. 

Photo by Shaila Meeker/Ohio University Libraries.