See Historic Images of Galbreath Chapel in the University Archives

Last week, Galbreath Chapel on College Green reopened after being closed for renovations and repairs. The chapel opened in 1957 and was a gift of John Galbreath, Ohio University alumnus. The chapel is named for his first wife Helen Mauck Galbreath. The two met as students at the university. In the years since it was built, the chapel has seen the marriages of many Bobcats, making it home to many treasured memories. We gathered some of our favorite images of the chapel below, but you can find more in the University Archives Digital Collections.  


Ohio University's Galbreath Chapel, 1957 - photo from the Groundbreaking ceremony
A groundbreaking ceremony for the chapel in 1957


Galbreath Chapel construction
The chapel under construction in 1957


At a 1983 re-dedication ceremony for the chapel, George V. Voinovich was photographed with John W. Galbreath. Voinovich was president of the Student Council and represented the student body in the original dedication in 1958. Photo from Ohio University Today, Summer 1983.