Resource of the Week: Oxford Bibliographies for Communication

Resource: Oxford Bibliographies Online: Communications

Find out more about it from: Jessica Hagman or in the Communication Studies or Journalism subject guides.

An example of a bibliography entry in OBO. Click to see a larger version.
An example of a bibliography entry in OBO. Click to see a larger version.

When you get started with a research project, knowing where to start can be a challenge, especially if you’re exploring a new topic. While you can – and should – talk to your professors about where to get started with your research, if you’re researching a communication-related topic, you may also want to take a look at Oxford Bibliographies Online (OBO). OBO provides an annotated bibliography on resources grouped together by topic and then differentiated by type of source. You’ll also find a handy overview of the topic that will also help you make sense of what you’re reading. Topics available include: advertising, diffusion of innovations, crisis communication, journalism, intercultural communication and many more. Additional topics are added regularly, with each subject area being developed by communication faculty members from around the world.

For example, in the Health Communication topic, you’ll find recommended books that provide a general introduction to health communication, journals that public work on the topic, data sets for your own research, and recommended books and articles on sub-topics like health literacy, multicultural approaches to healthcare and patient/parent/provider communication.

Even if you limit your search to library databases or Google Scholar, the sheer number of resources out there on a research topic can be overwhelming. OBO for Communications (and other topics) can be a way to help you sort through the large quantity of information and focus on the information you need to get started on your own research and writing.

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