Resource of the Week: Biosis Previews

Resource: Biosis Previews

Find out more about it: from Andrew Stuart or in the Biological Sciences subject guide.

Biosis is a database containing over 5200 biology journals in addition to non-journal reports, reviews and meeting abstracts spanning all areas of biology. Biosis can be used by students to find basic biological research as well as innovative field, experimental and theoretical work in every area of the life sciences, including agriculture, biochemistry, botany, biotechnology, ecology, entomology, genetics, immunology, microbiology, neurosciences, pharmacology, public health, toxicology, and zoology.

Students doing projects which require detailed information on systematic, ecological, agricultural or environmental topics can make use of Biosis by beginning with a simple keyword search. Searching for plant and animal species common names will often lead to the scientific name. Using this scientific name in your search will often lead to more articles on the species. Biosis is not indexed as a part of Articles Plus, so it makes a valuable addition to the biological researcher’s toolkit.

Featured image photo adapted from Biology @ Finse by Flickr user Harald. Used by Creative Commons license.