Kristen Okamoto and Sarah Parsloe to Present in 2013-2014 Graduate Research Series


Each year the Ohio University Libraries partner with the Graduate Student Senate to host the Graduate Research Series @ Alden, which gives graduate students a chance to present about their research process. On November 19 at 2 PM, Kristen Okamoto and Sarah Parsloe will be presenting “Tales from the Field: Community-Based Research Within an Ethnographic Context.”

Okamoto is a first-year PhD candidate in the School of Communication Studies. She received her MA from the University of North Carolina-Charlotte in May 2013. She is interested in studying the ways in which sports may foster community in order to promote social change. Parsloe is also a first-year PhD candidate in the School of Communication Studies and received her MA from San Diego University in 2013. She has conducted research projects investigating how professional and family caregivers, the media, and diagnosed individuals make sense of autism, and how the discourses surrounding autism spectrum disorders impact individuals who directly experience them.

In order to create a better understanding of self, others and community, Okamoto and Parsloe utilized ethnographic field-based research with underrepresented populations. Okamoto focused on a running group that sought to aid people without homes, while Parsloe performed research on an online community of people with Asperger’s syndrome.They began their research with a literature review which revealed that much of the previous research was problem-centered, Seeking an alternative approach, they sought to give participants a voice to narrate their own stories. In their presentation, Okamoto and Parsloe will reflect on the process of fieldwork and analyzing the data with attention to the issues of voice and representation. 

Okamoto and Parsloe will present on November 19, at 2 PM in the Friends of the Libraries Room (Alden 319). The event is open to the public.