Fine Arts Library Hosts Altered Books Display

Cassandra Galley[2]

The Fine Arts Library in Alden Library will host a display of Altered Books through the end of the Fall 2013 semester. The books are a project of the ART 1200 Foundations course taught by Professor Sherry Blankenship, whose description of the project is below: 

“The aim of the course is to introduce [first year students] to the process of creating art, learning about artists and designers, some history of the disciplines and practice in not only making but critiquing work within the class.

The intention was to take an existing book and transform it. Many students used the content of the book as the springboard for their alterations. You will see, for instance, Dante’s Inferno illustrated through the cutting of layering of pages for each of the levels of hell as well as burning of the pages. Others, took books and used their size and shape as a beginning point or played with the meaning of the title. For instance, a Lonely Planet Guide to Beijing, was transformed into a Chinese theater stage.”