Resource of the Week: Knovel

Resource: Knovel

Find out more about it: from Engineering Librarian Megan Tomeo

While books sometimes make the best resources, they aren’t always readily available when you are researching in the lab or at home. Fortunately, Knovel allows you to look up several science and engineering books from publishers including Wiley, AASHTO, ASCE, ASME, SAE and several others. Knovel also allows you to print up to 10% or 25 pages of each book so you can use a physical copy wherever you are.

In addition to books, you can find other various types of data. With a quick keyword search, you can find the heat capacity of lithium, the flash point of aircraft petroleum, or any other property necessary to your field research. If the data shown is not in the correct unit, you can use Knovel’s converter to find the one you need. If you need information on the elements, instead of searching, you can use Knovel’s interactive periodic table which displays data about the element, its history, isotopes and uses and forms.

So, next time you are in the midst of research and need to know the viscosity pressure of mineral oils check out Knovel or contact Megan Tomeo.