Did You Use Alden this Summer?

Recently, a letter to the editor of the Athens News was published lamenting the “few and inconvenient” summer hours of Alden Library. Unfortunately, the letter writer erroneously calculated our summer hours to be only 53 hours per week, when in fact, the 2nd floor Learning Commons was open 102.5 hours and provides services to the other floors.

We thought this might be a good opportunity to update you on what happened in Alden over the summer!

  • We had over 162,000 visitors to Alden
  • We issued 54 stacks passes to faculty and grad students for access to the closed floors in Alden
  • We paged 553 DVDs and books for 292 people when only the Learning Commons was open
  • We had over 188,000 visits to our web site viewing 307,000 of our web pages

Summer semester can be busy time for some library and facilities staff. It’s an opportunity to catch up on projects that can’t be accomplished when we are packed full of people 24 hours a day – like upgrading public computers and deep cleaning carpets and stairs. This summer, public computers in the Learning Labs on the 3rd floor and in the Learning Commons were upgraded. Also, improvements were made to the 4th floor so that all the computing is clustered together on one end of the building and the Class of 1951 Lounge is available for more quiet study. For other staff in the library, summer is the end and the beginning of the fiscal year. This means closing out the books on the millions of dollars of content we purchased over the past year and setting things up for the next fiscal year.

Summer can also mean time for the librarians to engage with our profession, exchange best practices and learn about what’s happening around the world in libraries and information centers in order to improve all our operations for OHIO students and faculty. This summer, we hosted visitors from the Botswana Embassy and from the Association of Research Libraries.  Our instruction coordinator, Lorraine Wochna, traveled to the University of Guyana to present a multi-day workshop on incorporating information literacy into the campus curriculum.

What did you do this summer? Let us know about your library visits – Alden or another, online or in-person.