OHIO Libraries Awarded for Outstanding Communications

Each summer, the American Library Association hosts an annual conference where it co-sponsors PR Xchange, an event for libraries across the nation to share their public relations and marketing ideas. The Ohio University Libraries won Best of Show at the American Library Association’s 2013 PR Xchange event for two of its brochures. 

A palm leaf manuscript, a sample from the endowments brochure, came to us from the David K. Wyatt Thai Collection housed in the Hwa-Wei Lee Center for International Collections. (Photo by Kristin Heinichen/Ohio University Libraries)

The Best of Show awards recognize the best communications materials created by libraries within the past year. This June, OHIO Libraries will be celebrated at the 2013 American Library Association annual conference in Chicago, IL. The Libraries’ “Endowments to Enhance Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Research” won best of show for fundraising materials, while “A Sense of Place: Frederick Harris’ Sumi-e Paintings” was honored under special programs, exhibits and events.

The Libraries’ endowments brochure was put together by a team of Libraries’ staff members, student employees and individuals who include Dean’s Office: Scott Seaman, Kate Mason and Doug Partusch; Graduate Assistants: Lena Chapin, Sherry Dibari and Patrick Traylor; and Graphic Designer Tina Ullman. The brochure individually details the purpose of the Libraries’ endowments, each of which supports academic excellence.

A sumi-e painting, a sample from the Harris brochure, came to us from our late Ohio University Libraries supporter, Dr. Frederick Harris. This painting illustrates the breadth and depth of Harris’ original works that were donated to the Fine Arts Library in 2011.


The Harris brochure honors an exhibit of work by the late Dr. Frederick Harris, a designer and artist who spent a majority of his life living and working in Japan. Harris donated collections of his personal Japanese sumi-e artwork as well as his collected works. He also created the Frederick and Kazuko Harris Fine Arts Library at Alden Library in his family’s name, which is home to books, periodicals, visual media and electronic databases and is particularly strong in the fields of photography and Asian arts.

This brochure was a team effort by Arts and Archives: Gary Ginther and Sara Harrington; Dean’s Office: Scott Seaman and Kate Mason; Graduate Assistants: Lena Chapin and Patrick Traylor; and UCM Graphic Designer Mark Krumel.

Special thanks to libraries staff Carrie Preston and Rob Dakin, who served as editors for both of the brochures.

“Communicating to our faculty, students and donors is one of the most important things we do,” said Scott Seaman, dean of Ohio University Libraries. “To be recognized nationally for that work is quite an honor.”

Feature photo courtesy of: www.tlcdelivers.com