Libraries Recognizes Friends of the Libraries Scholarship Recipients

The Libraries student employees commit themselves to supporting and promoting the Libraries’ resources day after day. These students work within Alden’s four walls, but also within those of the Music and Dance Library and the Hwai-Wei Lee Library Annex. Each year, Ohio University Libraries invites their student employees to apply for the Friends of the Libraries scholarship.

This year’s $1,000 scholarships were awarded to Angelique Gibson, graduate student in film, and Bethany Lopreste, junior in English and dance, based on their essay responses to a question regarding their relationship with the Libraries. Funding for the scholarships is provided each year by book sales conducted by the Friends of the Libraries organization.

“In its little way it gives financial support for the operation of the libraries,” said Art Woolley, associate professor of English emeritus and chair of the Friends’ book sale.

Working at the Hwa-Wei Lee Library Annex, Gibson worked in the Libraries’ preservation department, which ensures that patrons will continue to have access to research materials that the Libraries have invested in. As a graduate student in film, Gibson understands how fragile media is and how easily information is lost on its way to the digital frontier.

“Creating media is wonderful, but what good is it if what we create is no longer watchable 30 years from now?” Gibson said. “I would not have this acute awareness of the ephemeral state of my art form, if I had not worked in the preservation department.”

Lopreste places a similar level of importance on the Libraries, but for different reasons. During her first three years as a double major in music and dance, Lopreste used the Libraries’ databases, special collections and quiet rooms to write two weekly five-page essays. Using the resources in the Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis Dance Collection, housed in the Mahn Center in Alden Library, Lopreste researched leading dance figures.

“The importance of such time-intensive research in a globalized, information-dense society has become increasingly apparent as I continue to work with Ohio University Libraries,” Lopreste said.

Lopreste is presenting her research at the International Society of Dance History Scholars’ annual conference this summer as the only undergraduate student in attendance.

The Ohio University Libraries proudly congratulates Angelique and Bethany as recipients of this prestigious scholarship and for their outstanding work.