Botswana Embassy Officials Visit Alden Library

On June 20-21, 2013 two officials from the Embassy of Botswana in Washington, D.C. will be visiting Alden Library. For the two, Mimmy Polan, embassy librarian, and Barongwa Baipidi, education attaché, this is their first visit to the Athens campus.

Ohio University has a long-term relationship with the Botswana Ministry of Education.

“With Botswana, the Ohio University has been involved with them since the 1980s, so it’s good to keep up the relationship we have,” said Araba Dawson-Andoh, Africana librarian.

In 1990, the Ohio University Libraries was selected as the North American depository for Botswana publications. The publications cover subjects such as culture and language, agriculture, politics, economics, and environment. The aim of this depository is to enrich the educational experience of both American and African students and researchers.

While visiting Ohio University Libraries, Polan and Baipidi aim to introduce themselves and explain their roles and the role of the Embassy of Botswana in Washington DC.

The Libraries extends a warm welcome to our guests Mimmy Polan and Barongwa Baipidi.